10 Projects In Which You Should Use Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

Are you considering whether you should use nails or silicon bronze wood screws for your upcoming project? In the debate of which type of fasteners to use, certain projects require nails and others are better with screws.

When comparing what type to use, silicone screws are perfect for combatting tough weather situations and are ideal for exterior projects. If you’re trying to build benches, arbor benches, outdoor tables, and other items that will have to withstand tough weather, then you need to use screws.

Furthermore, you should use silicone screws when you are building something that will be in outdoor environments, such as boats, engineering projects, electrical components, and much more. Let’s see a little DIY home projects that can use silicon bronze wood screws! 

10 Projects That Use Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

If you are trying to think of the best indoor or outdoor projects that use silicon bronze wood screws, you are in luck! There are many DIY endeavors where you can use small fasteners – just think of what you want to make.

Chances they will involve some type of small fasteners that can keep the entire project together, remain sturdy, and stay durable. Let’s see some very common DIY projects that you can do at home.

Decorative Shelves

One of the most common projects that use silicon bronze wood screws is decorative shelves! You can decorate shelves outside in your garage, for plants outside your home, or inside in just about any room – think of a perfect mantle shelf for your picture frame, a bedroom shelf for your books, or an office shelf for binders. 

  • The first step of building your shelves is to choose your shelving board – make sure you choose a type of board that works well with the color and the style of the interior of your home or the exterior of your house. Choose either a softwood board that is perfect for books, plywood boards for lamination, particle board shelves for a lightweight option, blockboard shelves for heavy items, or pre-made shelving boards that work well for those who do not want to do any extra work!
  • The next step of making shelves is to select the shelf support base and the type of material that you want to use. You can use wood strips to add support on the shelves, metal strips to hold heavier shelves or brackets. 
  • After you have chosen your shelf support and the material of the shelf, now it is time to use the silicon bronze wood screws to fasten them together!

Kitchen Cabinets

If you have always dreamed of beautiful kitchen cabinets that you can use to hold pots, pans, decorative mugs, plates, and much more, then consider building your own! Build kitchen cabinets using silicon bronze wood screws, so they are long-lasting, durable, and beautiful.

You can use heavy-duty materials and numerous fasteners to ensure that they can handle heavy glassware and dinnerware.

  • To create kitchen cabinets, you need to make sure that you choose the type of cabinet dimensions that work best with your specific space. 
  • After you have figured the dimensions of the cabinets, you need to choose the type of material that you want to use for your cabinet. Choose either grained wood, clear wood, or hardwood veneer plywood to be able to hold your kitchen items.
  • Lastly, use the silicon bronze wood screws to fasten your kitchen cabinets and ensure that they can hold heavy loads.

Hanging pictures

The third type of DIY project that you can use silicon bronze wood screws for are hanging pictures and picture frames. The best way that you can save a few bucks and hang pictures in your homes is to use screws!

Avoid having to buy expensive picture holders and specific types of hanging frames by using silicon bronze wood screws that can fit heavy pictures, durable frames, and important pictures. 


Another type of DIY project that can use silicon bronze wood screws is shutters. You can easily add shutters on the exterior of the interior of your house to add aesthetic value and monetary value if you are considering selling your house.

Since you want your house to be desirable and attractive to buyers, you want to add shutters outside and inside your house to be able to add privacy and aesthetic value. 

  • Lucky for you, building shutters is actually pretty easy and simple – even for beginner DIY builders!
  • There are various types of shutters that you can use for your home, but make sure you choose the specific type of shutters that work best for the aesthetic of your house.
  • You can do DIY wood shutters for around $40 to $50. All you have to do is choose the type of wood that you want to use and gather the types of materials – you will need exterior silicon bronze wood screws, concrete screws, and a quart of stain. 

Towel bars

Another interesting DIY project that you can do in your home is towel bars – you can use these for any type of bathroom in your house!

Creating your own towel bars gives you an easier DIY project that is ideal for beginners and allows you to have a personalized touch in your house. 

  • If you want to make your own towel rack, then follow these steps – the first step of creating your own wood tower for a bathroom in your house is to choose the type of wood that you want to use. If you want to keep costs as low as possible, you can use simple 2×2 woodcuts and use silicon bronze wood screws to hold towels in your bathroom.

Arbor bench

If you enjoy spending time outside in your garden, you can build an arbor bench. This type of bench uses pieces of wood and silicon bronze wood screws to create a type of covered bench that can be used with hanging plants or trestles.

If you want an easy sitting area that can hold one or two people for beautiful summer days spent outside reading, this is the perfect place that you can sit and relax. Instead of just a typical wooden bench, the arbor bench adds a touch of elegance and a unique style to your garden that can make it stand out among others. You can use rafter tails, a wide seat board to accommodate more people and a trellis on the side for hanging plants.

Garden tool shed

Do you enjoy working outside? Do you enjoy planting some beautiful flowers in your side garden? If so, you need a good place to keep your tools! Instead of keeping your work boots, hoe, plants, watering cans, shovels, and buckets strewn across the garage in your house, why not create a beautiful grade tool shed?

You can create a tool shed out of beautiful pieces of wood and silicon bronze wood screws to reset a durable and fashionable place to keep your materials and equipment.


To keep your roses and hydrangeas in good condition, you need an outdoor planter that can withstand the elements. This means it will need to be able to withstand rain, snow, hail, and extreme winds. Build sturdy and durable planters by using silicon bronze wood screws!

You can use a plain wood planter box, or you can paint the planter in the perfect color to accommodate the editor of your house. If your house uses mahogany colors and dark stains, then consider painting your planter red or brown. If you use bright stone and white, then you can use a gray or white planter.

Potting bench 

For the garden lovers out there, building a potting bench using silicon bronze wood screws is one of the best ways you can hold your pants and keep everything organized. Not to mention, it looks beautiful in your outdoor garden space!

While you are in the process of potting your pants, keeping your shovels in one space, and keeping your plants organized, you can use a potting bench for a stylish and functional option. Build a potting bench that can use a stand-out color – like a bright blue or bright red – or a subtle brown, white, or back that goes with the background of your house. 

Adirondack chair

To feel like you are at the beach – even when you are in your own backyard – you can build an Adirondack chair to make it feel like you are always on vacation! Use silicon bronze wood screws and stained wood to create aesthetic and comfortable chairs that you can spend hours sitting in and reading a book, sipping on a drink, or watching the clouds go by.

Not only are Adirondack chairs stylish for your yard, but they are ergonomic and comfortable – plus, buying them is fun and a great DIY project for beginners! 


Using silicon bronze wood screws is the best fastener choice that you can use for exterior and interior projects that require a durable, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy choice!

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