3 Easy Tasks to Get Your Wedding Planning Underway

You’re about to plan your wedding and not just the imaginary version you organized with your childhood friends. No, this one’s for real: You’re really getting married! Once you’ve announced your engagement and called those nearest and dearest to you, the reality of planning a wedding can bring a joyful bride-to-be down to earth with a bang. 

With the average wedding taking 12 months to organize, the whole event can begin to feel like you’ve taken on a second job (and, let’s face it, weddings can be expensive, so additional income might even be on your checklist) and the sheer number of tasks can feel so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin. 

Fear not. Here are three easy tasks to get you started on planning your big day.

Wedding Planning

1. Create a Mood Board

Whether you’ve had your entire wedding day planned since you were 15 years old or you don’t know your garlands from your garters, a mood board is a great way to experiment with ideas, play around with themes, and discover what type of wedding you (and your budget) would like.

Plan a get-together with your partner or some trusted members of your bridal party to pour over wedding magazines and mood boards to explore what kind of styles best reflect you. Are you a traditional bride who wants a traditional black-tie and string quartet affair? Or are you a beachy bride with the ocean as your backdrop? 

Deciding what’s ideal and makes good sense can be a difficult proposition. However, creating a mood board can help you visualize your big day, develop a theme, and start selecting what you truly want for your wedding day.

2. Hire a Wedding Planner

While this is an optional task, it’s most certainly one that can take the pressure off you and your wedding party’s shoulders. Some venues include an in-house wedding planner. Then again, using an independent wedding planner will allow you more freedom in your choice of vendors. 

Most wedding planners are able to secure great discounts and come with a wealth of knowledge, meaning hiring one could end up being more cost-effective than going without one. 

Additionally, working with such a professional will not only alleviate a lot of stress but they’re also experienced enough to know how to negotiate the best deal, get ahold of those booked-up suppliers, and know what to do should something go wrong

3. Mail Save-the-Date Cards

Got your wedding theme and venue sorted out? Then sending out save-the-date cards is the next step. While invitations don’t traditionally get mailed until three months before your big day, you’ll need to know numbers way ahead of time and give your guests some time to plan, especially if it’s an out-of-town event. 

Selecting a customizable save-the-date card in your wedding colors is an easy way to get this task checked off your list and your numbers confirmed. Typically, save-the-date cards go out around nine months before a destination wedding and between four and six months for a traditional local ceremony.

Start Checking Off Items on Your Wedding To-Do List

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and special days of your life. Being surrounded by your loved ones as you marry the person of your dreams and start a new life together is worth all the dedication and hard work. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning!

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