4 Business Casual Looks That Will Impress

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There are a lot of events that have you either in a very casual look, or a very formal look, and you often don’t get one or the other confused as you go. For business meetings, it’s a formal suit or dress shirt, and for a fun barbeque, you need to wear shorts and a t-shirt. However, there are some events that can be seen as business casual. 

Brunches, informal parties, and other small events might be a lot of fun to go too, but they can also provide a real challenge when it comes to what exactly you should be wearing. No one wants to be too formal or too casual, but what’s a good look that balances out both?

While dress codes can be different for every single company, there are a few small rules that you can build upon to get a business casual look that will work no matter where you go.


Less Is More

For your business casual look, one of the biggest rules to follow is that less is more. Generally the more that certain clothing item has on it, the more casual it is seen. A shirt with lots of colors and patterns, and pants with lots of pockets are going to be seen as far more casual than a crisp plain shirt and a nice clean pair of pants.

So if you want to get a good business casual look, you can try and go half and half. Wear a good pair of pants with a casual T-shirt or some casual shorts with a nice shirt. That’s one of the best ways to get a good look, especially from places like Oliver’s Apparel. 

The same thing goes with colors as well, where brighter and more pronounced colors are going to be seen as less casual than darker colors. So wearing darker blues, grays, and blacks will be seen as more formal on shirts and pants than in brighter colors. So having colors that match together, such as colorful shirts and duller pants, can be the foundation of a great look.

Tie Your Looks Together With A Jacket

Sometimes we get into a business casual situation where we are already dressed formally or informally, and there’s no time to change from your current look before you need to move to the event. If you want to change your look quickly, then throwing on a jacket can be very helpful.

There are several different types of jackets that can either add too or balance out a look. Denim jackets and field jackets are much more casual, and sports coats are considered to be very formal. Having a least one or two jackets that can complete a formal or casual look will make sure that you are ready to go no matter what!

Make Sure To Have Some Good Shoes

Shoes are another way to help keep your look tied together, and while a pair of minimalist white sneakers are pretty verticle for your look, you will need some formal shoes such as books and formal dress shoes, as well as some more casual boots. Loafers can also be the perfect middle-of-the-road shoe as well.

While it might seem silly to focus on shoes for your look, they do help to tie everything together and also can work for you to impress everyone. You don’t just need your shoes to look good but you also need your shoes to withstand whatever event you are going to. Whether it is a formal event that has you sitting or standing around or a casual event that might have you doing things that are a bit more active, a good pair of shoes will keep you looking good! Reading boots reviews from Stridewise would help you decide.

Wear A Leather Brief

Finally, this is a look that will impress very very well no matter your needs. While most people carry their things around in a backpack, most backpacks aren’t business backpacks and are instead the type of bags you might have with you on a trip. Plus, they look far more casual than formal. 

An over-the-shoulder leather brief can be a professional way to hold all your things, and the bag tends to look more professional slung over your shoulder. It can really add some formality to an otherwise casual look, and will certainly impress everyone who sees it! 

Building Your Business Casual Look

Business casual might seem daunting as you try to find the perfect balance between comfort, formality, and looking good. However, with a little bit of experimentation, you will find your business casual look and can wear it every single time a business casual event pops up around the office!

Plus, isn’t it very cool to wear a semi-formal outfit and still feel very comfortable, also knowing that you are impressing everyone you look at?

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