4 New York City Culinary Delights that Will Make Your Mouth Water

If you visit New York City, you might spend time at the Guggenheim or in Times Square. You can see the little people hurrying past the Empire State Building’s observation deck. You can catch a Yankee game in the Bronx or a Mets game in Queens.

You might enjoy eating your way through New York, though. New York City welcomes foodies from all over, and there’s no better place if you feel like breaking your diet. Let’s discuss a few delicacies you shouldn’t leave New York without trying.  

The New York Pizza Slice

New York City Culinary Delights that Will Make Your Mouth Water

The New York City pizza slice doesn’t much resemble what you’ll get in Chicago. It’s a crispy, oversized triangle that’s more cheesy than saucy. You can find it on virtually any street corner, whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or any other borough.

The true New Yorker knows you can get a couple of slices and a drink for $5. Many of these pizza places have limited seating, so you can munch on your slices while standing at the counter, watching the city’s residents streaming by outside on their way to work.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

You can get Nathan’s Famous hot dog if you visit the original location at Coney Island, but you can usually find them at other spots around the city. Nathan’s first opened its doors more than one hundred years ago, and the hot dogs tasted just as scrumptious then as they do now.

Get one with mustard, ketchup, or relish, and grab some extra napkins since they’re messy. That’s all part of the fun.

An Italian Ice

You can get Italian Ice, or shaved ice, as the locals call it, from one of the vendors with the little carts that wheel their way through Central Park in the summer. There’s some contention about whether you should get cherry or lemon.

That’s your prerogative, though you can always shake things up by grabbing a coconut one instead. Only some vendors carry it, though, so you might have to hunt for a little before you find it.

Ice Cream

New York City has some amazing ice cream places. Big Gay Ice Cream probably has the most creative flavors, and they make it fresh every day.

Find Big Gay Ice Cream at 516 Columbus Avenue. The cones are beyond decadent. You must try the American Globs. It’s extra dark pretzel bits and vanilla ice cream that the employees seal right in front of you inside a salty milk chocolate shell.

Dorothy also has admirers. It’s a vanilla ice cream cone that the shop injects with dulce de leche. The workers then roll it in ground-up Nilla wafer cookies. It’s named after everyone’s favorite Golden Girl.

You might weigh a few extra pounds when you leave NYC, but you can get back into your Pilates class and work it off. We think you will agree it was worth it.

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