4 Things To Remember Before Picking Your Underwear

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While most people avoid having in-depth conversations about their underwear, this is a stigma one must break. Underwear is an essential piece of clothing that requires much thought.

Moreover, while purchasing an undergarment, it is essential to find brands that offer ethically-sourced vegan underwear that doesn’t sag, pinch, roll, or rise throughout the day; the feat seems impossible. It is best to spend some time finding the right pair for the ultimate sense of comfort, protection, and support. 

So, if you’re looking for new ethically made underwear, here are four pointers to consider before making the pick.

4 Things To Remember Before Picking Your Underwear

Get Measured Each TIme

While your weight may remain unchanged from now and your previous visit to the lingerie store, you must always get measured.

It is quite possible that your body underwent some changes in the buffer period, potentially resulting in different body definitions, thus, resulting in altered sizing. If you want the best fit, you have to find underwear that fits you just right. Not too tight, not too loose, simply perfect. 

While getting measured, ensure that you’re not in compression garments such as Spanx or corsets, as it can change your final measurements. Instead, it’s best to wear regular clothing to assess how the underwear looks underneath your everyday clothes. 

Match Your Measurements To The Size Chart

Once you’ve got the numbers, measure them against the brand’s size chart. One thing to note, especially while buying bras, is that no two breasts are the same.

Thus, you may find that they may differ in size and shape, sometimes resulting in two cup sizes. If you’ve got a C cup for one and a D for another, you have to opt for a bra with a D cup to ensure that everything is covered and well-supported. 

One of the best parts of opting for inclusive, vegan underwear brands is that they’ve got something for you, no matter your body type and requirements. Whether lacy bralettes or padded, full-support bras, you’re bound to find something functional and fashionable.

Look Around At Different Styles

Whether you want panties, bras, or both, you can find a wide range of organic style options. You can opt for matching panties and bras to make things easier.

But, if you’re looking for something specific, you can opt for the single pieces available. With sizes from 28DD to 40H, you no longer have to worry about finding the right underwear. 

Further, the style becomes rather important considering functionality. If you want something basic and solid for everyday use, you can never go wrong with a T-shirt, bra, and cotton panties.

The breathable fabric ensures you feel clean and fresh all day long. On the other hand, if you want to spruce things up, lacy lingerie is perfect. Thus, be sure to account for the intent and usability before you buy your underwear. 

Check The Material And Fit

You cannot have ill-fitting underwear, which will spoil your outfit’s look and harm your body in the long run. A wrong bra can result in severe back and neck problems, while the wrong panties can result in infections and whatnot.

Thus, before you buy anything, it’s always wise to feel the material and try it on. If you cannot try it, consider buying one piece initially and see how it fits. If you like how it feels against your body, you can always return and get some more. 

Organic cotton underpants are one of the best options for every body type. They are comfortable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Final Words

In a world of fast fashion, mindless consumption has become the norm. If you want to break out of this vicious cycle, invest in high-quality vegan underpants to make this world sustainable.

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