4 Tips to Choose the Best UK Sim Card for Australian Tourists

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Traveling to the UK can be an expensive affair, with everything from accommodation to transportation taking a toll on your budget. To help reduce these costs, consider getting yourself an international sim card that will let you use your Australian phone abroad at cheap rates.

Before traveling to the UK, you will want to buy an unlocked mobile phone or use your current phone if you have an unlocked one and get a UK sim card so that you can make calls and use data.

Using the best UK sim card for Australian tourists will help you save money and stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues while overseas.

I have written this article to help you choose the best one based on your needs. Here are 4 tips that will help you find the best UK sim card for travellers before traveling to the UK.

Tips to Choose the Best UK Sim Card for Australian Tourists

Data Matters

The single most important factor in choosing a UK sim card while visiting is what network you’ll be using it on. If you plan on using your cell in London, then a ThreeUK or Vodafone UK sim card will be your best bet; these companies offer great coverage throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

If you are planning to spend time outside of London or if you have an unlocked smartphone that uses a micro-SIM, then look into getting an O2UK SIM card; though these don’t work quite as well as Three or Vodafone networks within London, they do provide excellent service across large swaths of England and Wales.

Finding The Right Type of Sim for You

If you’re just planning on spending a week or two in London and will mainly use your phone for texting and calling, then a Pay as-You Go plan is probably best.

These plans offer some freedom in how much you pay each month (though it’s not quite as flexible as prepaid). Plans are offered by companies like LycaMobile, Virgin Mobile, and Lebara.

The main drawback is that you won’t be able to bring your unlocked phone with you; if it was originally bought through a wireless carrier in Australia, then it won’t work unless it is unlocked before leaving Australia.

Don’t Forget to Activate Your International SIM Card

Once you’ve purchased your international SIM card and received it in the mail, be sure to activate it with your cellular service provider as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t have cell service while in another country.

And what’s worse: If you don’t activate your SIM card before traveling abroad, its roaming rates could be exorbitantly expensive. Just something else to avoid if you’re trying to save money on your international travels!

Make Sure There Is Coverage in The UK Area Where You Are Going

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip or planning on spending three months in Europe, don’t forget to check if there is coverage where you are going.

If not, it might be cheaper and easier to get a local SIM card when you arrive. You should also check with your mobile service provider about roaming fees – these can really add up!

Remember that if there isn’t coverage, sometimes a Wi-Fi-enabled phone will connect through an internet connection; try asking staff in stores and cafes what they have available.

These free connections can be very handy when trying to access maps or use apps while traveling abroad. You can even buy a pocket Wi-Fi device so you don’t have to rely on others’ connections.

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