5 Great Habits For Healthy And Strong Hair

The key to making improvements in all areas of your life is through sustainable habits. The same theory applies whether you’re trying to get into a workout routine or trying to get happier, healthier hair.

If improving your hair is one of your goals, you can make it so with the right habits. Here are five great habits that will help make your hair healthy and strong.

Make Heat Protection Your Top Priority

When it comes to strengthening your hair, being proactive is essential. Rather than trying to repair the damage, prevent it from happening in the first place.

Heat is perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to hair damage. By limiting your contact with heat, you’ll see a significant change in your hair health. Start by turning down the temperature. While those hot showers feel nice on your body, they’re terrible for your hair. Opt for a lukewarm rinse, keeping your hair back until it’s time to start washing.

When you use heat tools, always use protectant spray to create a barrier. Never flat iron or curl hair when it’s still damp. That sizzle is the sound of your hair dying. When you’re going out in the sun, wear a hat or get an SPF hairspray to protect your locks.

Wash Less, Nourish More

Washing your hair too often creates a vicious cycle. When you wash your hair, you strip it of the natural oils produced by your scalp. As a result, your scalp will often over-produce oil and make your hair more greasy between washings. For natural hair, stripping that oil may be causing excess dryness and breakage.

Try to limit your washing to once or twice per week, using dry shampoo as needed to bridge the gap. Be sure to focus on adding more nourishment through deep conditioning and adding oil if you have common natural hair problems.

Nourish Internally

The food and beverages you put into your body impact your appearance, especially when it comes to your hair, nails, and skin. Limit processed foods and sugary sweets, opting instead for fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Drinking enough water also plays a key role in your hair health. Aim for the minimum recommended daily amount of eight glasses, scaling up as needed for exercise.

Take Time to Detangle and Trim

Always take time to detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, whether you’re doing a quick wash-and-go or a full styling session. When you detangle, start from the ends and work upward toward the roots. If you start near the top, you’ll push the knots down and make them tighter, causing more damage over time.

There are a lot of products that claim to heal split ends. It’s important to know that regulatory bodies don’t manage these claims. It is impossible to “fix” split ends, though some products bond them back together. The only way to get rid of split ends is to schedule regular trims. This also prevents the splits from ripping upward and causing further breakage.

Great Habits For Healthy And Strong Hair

Use the Right Products

Be sure to use the right products for your hair type. If you have natural or curly hair, dilute store-bought shampoos for gentle cleansing that won’t weigh your hair down. Always look for a paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo, as these irritants can cause harm over time.

If you’re in doubt about what products to use, ask your stylist. When it comes to healthy hair products, trust the experts, not someone who is working for a direct sales business.

By implementing these healthy hair habits, you’ll start to see big changes in how your lovely locks look and feel.

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