5 Merits Of Using Macramé Cords

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People love weaving and knitting. With the arrival of Arab weavers, a new, creative art form emerged that gained massive importance within such a short period – Macramé. 

Macramé is a distinctive art form from the days of the Babylonians and the Assyrians. It is a revolutionary work of art that compelled people to create decorations using various knotting methods instead of using needles to weave or knit. 

Nowadays, the macramé cord is widely used by crafters worldwide to manufacture decorations ranging from handcrafted wall hangings, antique ornaments, and majestic handbags to clothing items. Besides its multiple uses in the creative industry, it tends to be beneficial in many other ways, like nurturing mental well-being and inducing the eloquent side of people.  

Using Macramé Cords

The Benefits 

Limitless Options 

Macramé is immensely popular in manufacturing jewelry, decorative items, clothing, and accessories. Its cords made with materials like cotton are extensively used in almost all applications due to their smooth touch and efficient knotting techniques. Due to its thick and bulky nature, many users prefer felted wool for items like carpets and lush. Polypropylene is also used for making items like plant holders because of its strength and durability. 

Strength and Durability 

It can be used for waterproofing outdoor items, holders for heavy plants, and long-lasting carpets. The cords are known to be made from solid materials for outdoor applications as well as for hanging heavy-weight items. Its knotting methods make the threads, ropes, or strings reliable while maintaining a soft touch.

Therapeutic Effects 

One of the most astounding benefits of learning or using this art form is its therapeutic effects. How often have people turned to a pen, paintbrush, a book, or a friend when they needed to vent their feelings? 

Surprisingly, knotting seems to be a therapeutic exercise in many parts of the world. Due to its repetitive knotting methods, working on the threads aids in relieving stress. The art form has helped many set their souls free from daily life’s arduous routine and burdensome stress. 

Enhancement Of Skills 

Did you know when you are working with macramé, you are not just putting together an aesthetic piece of an item but also enhancing your motor, cognitive, and coordinating skills?  

The art form enforces a person to continuously coordinate their mind with their hands to perform a repetitive knitting pattern. It strengthens their hands, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, thinking ability, and endurance. 

Can Be Used As Excellent Gift Options

Looking at an item made of macramé adds beauty to the household and fills people’s hearts with exuberance. It is an impressive way of translating your care and affection towards your loved ones. These products can be utilized for gifting purposes on all occasions due to their high aesthetic value. 


The benefits of using a macramé cord are limitless. Their sturdiness, strength, durability, and aesthetically pleasing qualities can be used for any decorative item. They add a handcrafted effect to their products, thus enhancing their utility value greatly. In addition, the art is widely known to enrich people’s lives mentally. It can be a great way to improve the quality of a person’s home and life.

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