5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Leather Sofa

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A lot of work can go into designing a space because there are a lot of little details to sort out. The same can be said for picking out leather sofas. 

You’ll need to think about the textures and colors as well as the durability and overall size. 

Once you are ready to begin picking your furniture, there are a few things that you should consider before choosing leather sofas. You want a comfortable, smooth sofa that is going to fit your room and last for years to come.

Shopping For A Leather Sofa
  1. Ability to customize: Everyone has a unique style and taste. Having the ability to customize the space that you live in can make the difference between living in a house, and spending time in your home. You want to pick from leather sofas that fit your space so that you enjoy spending time there. Find something that fits your needs, whether it is incredibly unique or perfectly versatile. 
  2. 100% top-grain leather: 100% top-grain leather is what you should be looking for in quality leather sofas. It is more durable than bonded leather. Bonded leather is sometimes just scraps of leather that have been pieced together. Know also if you are buying a sofa that is 100% top grain leather, or only top grain where your body touches. Some manufacturers will use top-grain leather on the surface of the armrests and seats, but bonded leather everywhere else.  
  3. Available functions: Decide if you will be using your leather sofa in a family room to watch movies with the kids, or adding a comfortable piece to your office. This will help you decide if you need functional durabilities such as easily cleaned seats and cup holders, or features such as posh designs that can be used as a conversation starter.  
  4. Warranty: When you decide it is time to make a large purchase it is always best to consider a product that offers a warranty. Accidents do happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Find a company or a distributor with a good reputation, and be sure to check for a warranty.  
  5. Dimensions: Consider the size of the furniture that you want to bring into your space. Make sure you know the dimensions of the leather sofas you are looking at. You’re going to want to know how many people can be comfortably seated, how high the back of your leather sofa is, and the outer dimensions of the sofa, to make sure that you get a perfect fit. 

Shop Around

After taking some measurements of your space, make a list of your requirements and get ready to find your perfect leather sofa. If you are ordering from a warehouse and using delivery, consider requesting a leather swatch to evaluate the quality of the leather.

If you have pets, ask about the possibility of additional insurance to protect your investment. With a little shopping around you can find a quality leather sofa that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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