5 Tips For Staying Up to Date With Fashion Trends

Last Updated on 1 year ago by Nicky Johnson

Although originality is certainly admirable, there’s something to say about being trendy. After all, the entire fashion world is built around trends and emerging looks. In order to stay fashionable, it’s important to mix a little bit of originality with a few trends. 

However, not everyone may be sure where the best place is to look for what’s hot and what’s not. To keep you up to date with the times, here are some of the best ways to keep up with what’s trending.

fashion trends

Look On Clothing Websites

Look on clothing websites to get an idea of what the latest trends are. Most clothing websites come with lookbooks that can serve as inspiration for the latest trends. They have plenty of photos of how people are wearing their pieces and what they’re placing together.   By taking a look regularly you’ll get a feel for what the most popular brands and looks are.

Follow Influencers

Social media is a great place to keep up with the latest looks. By following influencers whose main purpose is sharing the latest trends, you’ll keep pace with what the cool kids are wearing. 

However, it’s important to note that not all fashion influencers are created equally. 

You’ll need to make sure that you weed out the “wannabes” from the “real deals.” Follow a few different influencers and get a feel for which one reflects your own personal style the best.

Watch Fashion Shows

Get to know what the latest fashion designers are doing, and soak it in as much as you can.  Even though you may not necessarily be able to afford the latest Gucci pieces, at least you’ll get an idea of what the colors and textures of the season are. 

You can branch out from there, and creative inspirations of your own. Besides fashion runway shows, you could also consider watching reality television shows like Project Runway. Shows like these are usually an accurate representation of what’s trending in the fashion world.

Read Fashion Magazines

One of the most popular ways to stay up to date with fashion is by subscribing to fashion magazines. There are all sorts of articles about how to wear the latest trends, which accessories to pair them with, and where you can find the most popular current brands.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to subscribe to the paper version. You can subscribe online, and view the magazine from your phone or tablet, which isn’t just less wasteful, but can be much more convenient for toting around!

Look at Celebrities

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that they have personal stylists. Personal stylists are always up to date with the latest trends and fashions, which means celebrities are always well-dressed.

Always keep an eye out for what your favorite celebrities are wearing, and use their looks as inspo when you get dressed.