5 Ways Fitness Centers Can Survive the Ongoing Pandemic

Last Updated on 3 years ago by Nicky Johnson

The current coronavirus crisis has forced many business establishments in the world to shut down. This includes dance studios, fitness centers and other companies that belong to the fitness industry. As a gym owner, staying profitable or breaking even can be difficult during these times of uncertainty.

Don’t fret, though. Even if your state or country hasn’t allowed gyms to reopen yet, you can take steps to generate revenue and continue to provide fitness services.

Consider these five strategies to help your business stay alive during this challenging period:


Sell Some of Your Gym Equipment

You can’t expect to operate at full capacity even if your fitness center were to reopen. Your gym, for instance, can only accommodate a certain number of people to comply with social distancing guidelines. This means that you may have excess gym equipment that customers won’t be using.

If you’re in the red and need cash to stay afloat, consider selling some of your fitness machines and equipment. Demand for these products has been high during these times. A report from Business Wire revealed that fitness equipment sales skyrocketed by 170 percent during the lockdown.

If you have plans to sell exercise machines and other fitness-related products, you may need a website that will serve as your virtual storefront for interested customers. Team up with an agency that offers e-commerce SEO services to assist you with this task.

Transition Your Classes Outside

When you’re unable to host your workout classes in your brick-and-mortar location, try offering these classes in an outdoor location. Holding your workout session outdoors enables members to practice social distancing while staying active. Ask your local government if you could hold exercise classes in a safe, outdoor area.

Go Virtual

Alternatively, you could transition your workout classes online and provide access only to gym members. This is ideal if the weather in your area isn’t appropriate for outdoor exercise. You could livestream your workout classes or provide on-demand video exercise content on your chosen mobile app. Your service offerings will allow customers to get that full-body workout they need at home.

Come up with Fitness Challenges

Create workout challenges to keep members of your fitness center accountable for their health goals. Then, provide an incentive or a small gift for members who have exceeded their fitness goals. This will provide a sense of competition for your gym members. It may also serve as a motivator to help them stay on track.

When keeping track of your members’ progress, create online groups on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media channels. Think hard on how you could get these people to share their fitness or weight loss journey to fellow gym members.

Offer One-on-One Fitness Consultations

If you are unable to entertain multiple customers at one time, consider changing your business model by providing one-on-one consultations with fitness center members. Transition as many members as you could with your work schedule. Then, offer personalized fitness programs to help your customers meet their health goals.

The pandemic is an unfortunate and difficult time for gym owners. This doesn’t mean that your business is doomed to fail, though. Take note of these five suggestions to expand your service offerings, reach new customers and keep your business alive.

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