5 Ways To Redecorate Your Room While You Still Live With Your Parents

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For many people, the home consists of multiple bedrooms, a lovely living room, a balcony with enough space for entertainment, a walk-in closet, and a spacious kitchen. However, for many others, the home space is limited to only four walls of one room. 

Nowadays, everyone can agree on how unbelievable the rent prices are and how uncertain the job market’s situation is.

With that in mind, it’s tough to raise your savings to finally have enough for your first home’s down payment.

Redecorate Your Room

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The good news is that while you are still saving up to purchase your property, you can always try to live as large as you can in your childhood bedroom at your parent’s house.

And not only can you make the most out of your personal space, but you can overflow it with style and grace. 

However, to live in style, you must approach your restricted living area with the proper mindset.

For this reason, we have outlined five ways to redecorate your room and turn it into your mini-dream apartment. So, read along to find out how to maximize your temporary living space with the following ideas.

Add A Piece Of Artwork On The Wall

If you own just one room in your parent’s house, it’s normal for you to want to make it feel like yours as much as possible. And you even wish everyone else to know that it’s yours just by the look of it. It would be best if you asserted yourself by placing one or several wall art pieces, various photos, posters, canvas, or some other artwork piece.


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While the art can reflect your interests or show your character to some extent, it can also brighten up your room and make it fashionable, elegant, and chic.

So, if you decide to put only one piece of art in your room, make sure it is big enough and reasonably expressive.

On the other hand, if you choose several selections for your wall, you must acknowledge that they should complement each other well and match in size, color, and style. 

Nowadays, you can decorate your room with museum-quality wall art delivered to your doorstep, as there are hundreds of thousands of living artists and iconic brands. The selection is infinite, from black and white photographs to abstract art pieces.

Select The Right Size Furniture For Your Room

When you are limited to only one room, you want to make sure that each piece of furniture has a functional purpose and that each comes with a storage unit.

So, when you are ready to choose the new items, you should begin with a floor plan and a metrical drawing of your bedroom. 

For instance, ensure your chair is uncluttered enough to sit in, and your desk is attractive. However, it all depends on your room’s size. If your bedroom is large, you should choose more oversized furniture items because if you choose smaller ones, they will look like they’re lost.

Furthermore, you can add a stylish ottoman piece or something similar at the end of your bedside.

On the contrary, do not choose a heavy, boxy bed and dresser if your room is smaller. For this type of room, you should consider buying a taller but narrower dresser, and you can also save space by adding multifunctional furniture, such as a bed that doubles as a couch or a bench with an inbuilt storage unit. 

Include Multiple Lighting Options

It is always best to ‘layer’ your lights in a bedroom. So, you should aim for ambient lighting that lights the entire room with several lighting options instead of just one or two.

You can buy small lamps that will focus the light you need for reading or similar activities and accent lighting that will assist with washing the walls in soft brightness. To focus the light for reading right where you need it to be, you can use a portable bedside lamp.


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You should make each adjustable with a dimmer for the rest of the lights that will not move physically. Also, install a separate on and off switch for every light in your room to be selective later and light just the area you wish.

Cover The Windows 

An attractive window will help frame the view and the window itself. Plus, at the same time, it can also provide different ways to add color, texture, pattern, and mildness to the bedroom. 

Therefore, if you are a fan of soft sheer curtains that filter daylight, you can combine them with opaque roller shutters in the right color.

This way, the windows will look more beautiful, and at the same time, you will be able to pull the shutters down to maintain privacy at night and block the morning light.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling 

The ceiling is the fifth wall in the room. Therefore, if you see a blank surface when lying down, you should consider adding a soft color or a subtle pattern.

So, if you decide to paint your ceiling, you should pick a little lighter shade than your walls.  

This way, you will lower the ceiling visually, giving your space a sense of intimacy and solace. Another great solution is to pattern or wallpaper the top, add designer components, molding, or even use some decorative paint technique that gives dimension.   

If you want to achieve the ultimate luxury, consider a silver-leafed ceiling or a canopy bed with a covering fabric hanging out of the roof.

This will ensure your room’s warmth and coziness while adding contemporary design, texture, and color to the ceiling.

Final Words

After reading these fantastic five ideas for how to redecorate your room and bring more liveliness, you are already on your way to the local stores.

So, if you don’t know which of these five redecorating ways to start with, don’t overthink it. Each one is an excellent choice because you will continue with the rest of them step by step until you finally get your envisioned one-room apartment.

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