6 Costume Ideas “The Masked Singer” Has Yet to Feature

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

“The Masked Singer” has everything — celebrity judges like Robin Thicke, a diverse cast of contestants and amazing costuming! However, there are plenty of costume concepts that haven’t been seen on the show yet. Here are six ideas that have yet to grace the TMS stage.


Despite the fact that the show has featured remarkable creatures like the Unicorn, Butterfly and Bee, the stage has yet to see a single mermaid character. In fact, there hasn’t been much oceanic influence in the show’s characters yet, and this idea can be taken in countless fun directions.

Grim Reaper

With all the angelic characters that have graced the stage, the time is right for a contestant to bring the grim reaper to life. Dark aesthetics have been extremely popular among performers, and this concept is perfect for drama and intrigue. A flowing robe, skeletal features and even a hood to help further disguise the contestant? The world is ready!


Why an anteater? Simply put, because it hasn’t been done yet. “The Masked Singer” has introduced audiences across the globe to a variety of wild and beautiful animals; from the regality of the Lion and Leopard to the sugary sweetness of the Flamingo and Bear, the timing is perfect for something kooky and unexpected.


Some contestants have take inspiration from deities, but the show has yet to see a goddess-inspired character. The most exciting part about this concept is the limitless potential — the world is diverse, and contenstants could pay homage and bring representation to a variety of cultures.


In tune with the mermaid, “The Masked Singer” is surprisingly devoid of any shark characters. Performers might opt to take this in a more mature direction (akin to the Fox and White Tiger) or make the shark over-the-top and silly (à la the Rottweiler and T-Rex). Regardless, this concept stands to make waves in the show.


Admist stunning, gown-wearing characters like the Mouse, Flower and Ladybug, the show has the potential for amazing contrast with a valiant knight character. This idea could take inspiration from knights and swordfighters of nearly any time period, allowing the contestants to really go all out.

“The Masked Singer” has outdone itself in the costume department with each season, and audiences are eager to see more exciting ensembles. If you’ve ever had a idea for a costume, keep your eyes open — you never know when a contestant might bring your concept to life!