6 Reasons Why Fish Make Great First Pets

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

When your child is looking for their first pet, many parents want to find something that is easy to take care of and will not be a big mess to clean up after. Your child may want to have a dog or a cat, but this may not be the best first option to go with. 

A better option for your child when it comes to finding a good first pet, one that will be a good learning experience without as much work, is a fish. Fish can make wonderful pets for those who do not want a higher maintenance companion and who may not have the physical space or time for these animals. 

There are many reasons why a fish can make a great pet. Some of these include:


They are Tranquil

A fish does not take a lot of effort to work with, and they can be tranquil. How many times have you been to the dentists or a doctor and sat in the office, looking at the fish and feeling more tranquil than before?

This same thing can be done from home as well. Looking at a fish tank and spending time with the fish can be a great way to calm down your children. Watch the fish glide through the water, see them interact with one another if you bring home more than one, and enjoy the silence, even if it only lasts for a few minutes.

They are Less Expensive

There will be a few expenses that you need to deal with when you first bring the fish home. You will have to pay for a new tank, the fish food, the filter, and other items that will go into the tank. You will also need to pay for the fish itself, and maybe a few if you decide to go with more than one. 

Even with some of these expenses, you will find that fish are going to be easier and cost less when it comes to their care and feeding them compared to some of the other pets that you may choose. 

When you do not want to spend a lot of money on a new pet, then the fish is going to be one of the best options that you can choose. Save up a little bit of money in the beginning to help you get some of the items that you need, but otherwise, it is an inexpensive pet to keep around. 

No Destructive Behaviors

Many dogs and even cats are going to run into trouble with separation anxiety. This is when they get nervous about their owners leaving for a prolonged period of time, such as when the kids go to school, and you go to work. 

While it may be nice to think about staying home with the pet all the time, this is not a reality that most people can do. And when the dog is left at home all alone, they will often resort to destructive behaviors when that separation anxiety is not handled well. 

When you want a pet without all the destruction, then a fish is a good idea. They will not deal with separation anxiety, so you will never have to worry about coming home to a house that is destroyed while the fish missed you. 

No Training Required

With other pets, you will need to take them on walks to wear them out, play with them outside, get them a litter box, and teach them how to go outside rather than in the house. This is all part of owning a cat or a dog and can be exhausting to a parent who isn’t sure they have enough time to handle it all. 

Your fish will not need any of this. Fish do not need to go on walks or be let outside. They just swim around in their fish tank all day long, as happy as can be. As long as you check on them on occasion and give them the right food each day, these fish are taken care of and happy to be there. 

They Come in Variety

No two fish are identical, which can make owning one a lot of fun. You can choose your fish based on their shapes, sizes, and even colors. Let each kid pick out the type of fish they would like to have and when they choose different types or colors, it is easy to watch each one float around and have fun. You can learn more about fish varieties from the saltwater aquarium blog.

Some Fish are Playful

One of the benefits of choosing a dog or a cat over a fish is that the former will play with their owners and do some interaction. Many types of fish that you will choose will not do this. They may interact with other fish in the tank if you choose to have more than one, but there is very little interaction outside this. 

However, there are a few fish that do interact with their owners and the children. Some of these can be very playful and will be trainable, so they will do some tricks. This can make the fish a lot more fun while helping you to enjoy some other benefits. If this is an important aspect for you, then it is important to find the right breed of fish to help. 

Choosing a Fish as a Pet

Your child will be able to learn more about responsibility and how to take care of a pet when you decide to bring home a fish. This can save you a lot of space, time, and money compared to working with a dog or cat. 

When you are ready for a low-key pet that is easy to handle and will not have as much emotional attachment as a dog in case something happens, then the fish is a great place to start. You may decide to go with a different pet later on when you see how great your kids do with the fish.