A Complete Guide To Backyard Games For Fun Summer Gatherings

The summer season is upon us, and the weather is perfect for some backyard fun. You don’t have to go far to have a great time outdoors when you have good company and some entertaining activities to do. 

Adding a few classic yard games to your backyard space will liven up any summer gatherings. 

You want the games to be easy enough to learn so that they are inviting to all party-goers. A little friendly competition will keep your summer gathering going well into the evening, and backyard games, from Elakai Outdoor, are the way to get things going! 



Horseshoes is a game that is a backyard classic and great for casual get-togethers. Set up your stakes on the edge of your property and make sure that they are parallel to the house. You want to make sure that an accidental throw isn’t headed for your party guests or windows. Gameplay should keep a quick pace which will allow everyone a turn. 

Bocce Ball 

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball seems pretty simple when it comes to the rules, but it does take a bit of talent. If you’ve never played before, don’t worry. A little bit of practice is all you need.

The goal is to get your colored ball closest to the smaller bocce ball on the playing field than your opponents.

You can even knock theirs out of the way. It will be good to get a game in ahead of time so that you can get a feel for the slope of your yard.  


Cornhole is one of the classic backyard games that is played just about everywhere. If you’re planning a backyard party this summer, you should definitely invest in a professional set of cornhole boards.

You’ll get more than a season’s use out of them once they’re set up so you should invest in boards with durable hardware and a quality finish. Whether you play matches individually or against teams, it will certainly keep everyone entertained. 

Travel Sets

If you plan on hosting a party and you have a smaller backyard, consider picking up a travel set for your outdoor games. Travel cornhole boards are usually smaller than regulation, which helps if you’re working with a smaller property.

Portable games are made to pack and stack, which means you can have them out for your event; then pack them up and stow them away when it’s over. Keep the party going wherever it takes you, and enjoy the space-saving design of portable gaming when the party’s at your place. 

Keep The Party Going

Be ready to have a great summer because the party is coming to you. The goal is to pick a few simple games that don’t take up too much space. Keep friends and family entertained and active this summer with a fun variety of backyard games.

Consider hanging a scoreboard by your games so that friends can keep up and enjoy their bragging rights. With great people, good food, and fun games, it will certainly be a summer to remember!

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