A Definitive Buying Guide to Choose the Right Dirt Bike Helmet

There’s no match for the thrilling experience of riding a dirt bike!

But with rash riding comes injuries and accidents!

If you don’t want to be bedridden or face any potential life-threatening issue, you cannot overlook a good dirt bike helmet!

Unlike a regular street bike helmet, a dirt bike helmet differs in size and style as it has extended chin protection designed to protect you from falls and fatalities.

Are you considering purchasing a new helmet or upgrading your current one? This buying guide can assist you in selecting the best helmet to safeguard you against injuries of any kind while also enhancing your overall riding personality.

Dirt Bike Helmet

1. Consider the Size & Weight

The size of the helmet you plan to purchase should be your priority. Dirt bikes come in extra small, small, medium, and big sizes. To choose the dirt bike helmet that fits you the best, try on all the sizes.

Coming to weight, a dirt helmet should weigh between 1400 and 1800 grams. It is best to use a lightweight helmet because heavier ones alter the rider’s posture. 

2. Price

If you’re a beginner, price is probably one of the first things you’ll think about. The type of materials and the number of features are the deciding factors of a helmet’s price.

For instance, a carbon fiber helmet will usually cost more than a polycarbonate helmet. 

The fact that a more costly helmet typically provides better protection, lighter weight, comfort, and technology does not imply that you can’t obtain a good helmet for a fair price.

If you want to buy good-quality protection at the best price for your head, you can go with Fox helmets.

3. Don’t Overlook Ventilation

You should prioritize ventilation if you need to bike for a prolonged distance and want to enjoy it comfortably.

When you are riding a dirt bike, it becomes a significant factor. The comfortable, well-ventilated helmet is a benefit to riders. However, each person has a different preference for ventilation.

However, one thing holds constant in every situation: the greater the experience, the more ventilation there is. Summer is when most 125cc dirt bike riding takes place, and the heat inside the helmet is harsh.

It has an impact on the rider’s comfort. As a result, you should inspect your dirt bike equipment, specifically your helmet.

4. Prioritise Your Helmet’s Look

Although it is not necessary or required, for some people, appearance is quite important. Nobody would choose a helmet that could ruin their appearance or make them look awful. While riding, every biker wants to look good.

But you shouldn’t skimp on safety. Some people favor Bluetooth helmets because they are fashionable and practical.

Purchase dirt bike helmets that catch people’s attention as you pass but also have high safety ratings. You can improve the appearance of your helmet in the same way that you can customize your dirt bike with a sticker kit.

5. Safety

The most crucial aspect that you must take into account is this. However, most of the time, individuals prioritize other things over this aspect and put it on the back burner. The main goal of wearing a helmet is to provide your head with the proper protection.

The helmet you intend to purchase must therefore adhere to this standard. Check to see if it has quick-release pressure and multi-density foam. Even if you should check it, give it a top priority at all times.


That’s pretty much it! The tools you need to locate and adjust your helmet should be available. If you are planning to buy a perfect dirt bike helmet that may prevent injuries, consider this guide and make a wise buying decision.

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