All About Off-Road RC Cars

Playing with RC cars is only fun until an uneven surface appears. It is easier to drive on a smooth surface free from obstacles and rocks. But most RC enthusiasts know that the real adventure begins on rough terrain. 

The off road RC cars are designed to run even on rocky land. They can go over rocks and some through water and offer a challenging experience. There are a variety of RC cars and trucks available for off-road usage. The highlight of these vehicles is that they can be used on both smooth and rough surfaces. 

Off-Road RC Cars

Why is an Off-Road Model Needed

The most significant advantage of this vehicle is that you can take it on almost every surface.  You can drive a normal RC car only on flat surfaces, but an off-road RC car can be driven on any kind of surface, even grass. 

It doesn’t really matter whether the land is level or uneven; an off-road RC car will cater to all conditions. They are best for the newbies because they are bigger and offer more control compared to the others. One can take them to various places and have an experience like never before. 

Characteristics of an Off-Road Vehicle 

There are several characteristics required to drive cars on rough terrain. These are features that make off-road RC cars different from regular vehicles. 

  • Low ground pressure is essential to keep the machine stable on soft land. The wheels must remain on the ground and not lose grip. 
  • Moving forward to the drivetrain depends on the budget and requirements. There are two categories – tracked drivetrain and wheeled drivetrain. The former is more expensive and offers better capabilities for rough terrains. 
  • Tires are the most crucial aspect of this category of RC cars. They determine the proper traction required to keep the vehicle on track. They may vary from one surface to another. 

The A/T and M/T are some of the popular tires for irregular surfaces. The A/T tires work best on sandy ground and must be avoided on muddy terrains. On the other hand, the M/T tires can be used for muddy terrains.

  • Most vehicles in this category are likely to have low gearing. Low gear provides more control and allows one to move slowly through a challenging surface.

Things to Look For

There are affordable brands with some of the best vehicles with solid construction and fantastic performance. A couple of spare parts can be convenient in case of instant repairs. 

There are both brushed and brushless machines available in the market. The brushed ones are typically slower, whereas the latter is faster and offer an efficient ride. A 30 to 50-mph high speed sounds excellent for an off-road vehicle. Look for lighter vehicles; the portability of the RC machines is highly dependent on their weight. A lighter car ensures better performance.

Final Thoughts

If the machine has been in use for quite some time, it is also possible to give a boost. Try adjusting the gear ratio to increase the speed of the item. Change the tires if they have been overused or are not in excellent condition. 

It is also good to make the assembly lighter by replacing the heavier parts. Upgrade both batteries and the motor to see how quickly its performance changes. Practice as much as possible and drive the vehicle to test its on-road and off-road potential.

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