Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy

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Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback therapy is a treatment option that aims to improve brain functions, focus, and control. 

It is an alternative form of therapy that is non-invasive and has no adverse side effects. 

Approximately one in six people have a neurological condition with no viable treatments. It is worth exploring alternative treatment options such as Neurofeedback therapy in such cases. 

This form of therapy is beneficial for individuals with abnormal brain function due to an ailment, imbalances in the brain, chronic emotions, and other such complications. 

The therapy can help restore normal brain function using advanced technology to create an accurate representation of your brain. Using the rendition of the brain, doctors can help rewire the bad habits. 

Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy

Here are some Neurofeedback benefits

Improved Memory

It has been observed that getting neurofeedback therapy can improve memory as it aids brain function and neuroplasticity. 

Neuroplasticity is a general umbrella term used to describe the brain’s ability to change, modify and adapt to the growth or reorganization of the neural networks throughout life.

Better neuroplasticity in the brain improves the functioning of the hippocampus, which is majorly responsible for learning and memory. 

Decreased Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety often shows itself in various forms, and if you are suffering from anxiety, taking neurofeedback therapy can help relieve the symptoms. 

Since anxiety symptoms vary from person to person, the therapy may help reduce the signs of stress.

Neurofeedback therapy aims to target the overflow of beta waves in the brain that can make one feel anxious. It achieves this by producing more alpha waves in the brain. 

In the long run, the alpha waves will help you manage your stress and anxiety and may even help you increase your focus. 

Improves the Quality of Sleep

Another benefit of the therapy is that you might notice that your sleep quality is improving after some time. The treatment will help you achieve better sleep quality and may even help treat insomnia beta wave impulses in the brain.

The therapy aims to ensure that your irregular beta waves are fixed. It will work to ensure that you would have lesser delta waves keeping you fresh during the day, and at night, the frequency of the waves would increase to provide you with a better quality of sleep. 

May Help Deal with Depression

It is challenging to point out the exact part of the brain where depression stems from, but irregular or slow delta waves in the brain may be one of the causes of depression.  

May Help People with ADHD

A vast array of Neurofeedback benefits have made them a popular treatment among people seeking non-invasive neurological help. Many parents are also opting for Neurofeedback therapy for their children with ADHD. 

The QEEG wave map comprises different brain frequencies and waves; herein, the theory targets the irregular theta waves to reduce the signs of ADHD. 

This is especially helpful for people with other learning disabilities as the theory may help reduce the signs and improve their focus. 

The treatment will change the way the brain functions by correcting the irregular frequencies to the optimal level. 

It May help people with PTSD.

PTSD can be triggered if a person has suffered tremendous stress or been through traumatic and life-altering events. 

In the long run, PTSD stimulates the flight or fight instinct and makes it challenging for them to carry on daily activities. 

When PTSD is triggered, a person may feel hyper-alert, and the sense of insecurity and a looming threat increases. 

So, if you have been diagnosed with PTSD, Neurofeedback therapy may help you deal with the symptoms by improving brain function and targeting the irregularities in the brain waves. 

It can help improve your mood, reduce hypervigilance and make you less fearful.

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