Best Japanese Green Tea & Brands Matcha, Fukujuen 2023

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Are you the biggest fan of green tea or like green tea for fitness then you should visit Japan because Japan is considered as the most user of the green tea? No doubt in their tea party you will find the green tea as important constituent. Due to huge popularity of green tea in Japan, there are hundreds of the brands of green tea in Japan.

Japanese used the term “nihocha” for the Japanese tea without specifying the green tea. They mostly used word ocha means tea for the green tea. If you want to visit Japan and don’t know what best brand of green tea there is, this article will help you to know the best Japanese green tea brand.

Some brands are very expensive, while some are cheap. But the real thing that matters is the effectiveness and taste of the green tea.

Japanese green tea contains little amount of caffeine, and antioxidants that maintain the proper functioning and provides inner protection against various diseases. Fat bodies caught various diseases radially.

The green tea helps to loss the weight. Amino acids in the green tea help the brain for proper functioning and maintain the weight of the body. You can buy green tea in many forms including loose tea, matcha tea powder, and tea bags.

Best Japanese Green Tea Brand


Following are the best Japanese green tea brand that offer high-quality products.

  5. MIZUBA TEA Brand


ITO EN is the number 1 brand of the Japan for manufacturing of green tea. It provides a lot of high-quality canned and bottled green tea products.

This company was the first one for such products, and after it may brand came into market. It first introduced its first canned green tea drink in 1985.  Ooi Ocha-Ryokucha is the signature green tea product of this brand.

Best Japanese Green Tea Brand

The green tea offered by this brand is made up from natural green leaves grown in Japan by using only water and vitamin C as major ingredients for natural tea taste. These products come in two types of bottles, one is specific to be served for cold and the other is for specific warm temperature within the vending machine.

It offers green tea with different types of tastes as an addition. The famous products of this brand are Golden Oolong Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and Ooi Ocha-Hojicha and many others. All come with unique blending and combination for best flavored tea. Till now, over 2.5 billion non-sweet products of this brand have been sold. It has also started importing Chinese leaves tea in Japan.


GRACE MATCHA is also the other best Japanese green tea brand. It offers the excellent quality match product for the Japanese without any problem.

They can buy products of grace matcha form any store of Japan. The matcha offered by this brand are of great taste and provides pleasant effect to the health. It provides authenticated Japanese green tea extracted from green leaves.

Grace Ceremonial Matcha is the best organic green tea that is free from artificial colors and chemicals. It provides the luxurious effect on drinking in morning and evening.

This brand mostly offers premium powdered form of green tea that is packed in tin can with vibrant color. It is the fine’s tea brand and Japanese love to take products of this brand. The product of this brand has good, sweet taste and texture, but it is not 100% satisfactory.

Soar Organics:

Soar organics brand began in 2017, and it is on the top list of the Japanese best green tea companies. This brand provides the high-quality and valuable products that distinguish this brand from others. It started its first matcha from flush harvest in Kyoto, Japan, and now it has spread all around.

It offers the products that are certified by both Japanese agricultural organic standard and Canadian organic regime. The products of this brand are free from metals, arsenic and radiations.


FUKUJUEN is also the best green tea selling brand in Japan. It is founded by Iyemon Fukui in 1790. The owner of this company was started from wood selling via shipping, and it turned into the best green tea selling companies and goes to peak due to manufacturing green tea with stone milling.

This brand offers the best green tea quality from matcha to uji tea. All the products of green tea are available in affordable prices with different unique flavors.

Some famous green tea and other products of this brand are Uji matcha powder, Banjono Mukashi Matcha powder, Yuzu citrus flavoured sencha green tea, Heian Hojicha, and FUKUJUEN Uji Organic Sencha Green Tea. All these products are organic and free from artificial chemicals.


MIZUBA TEA is the single flavor and single ingredient green tea offered by Mizuba Tea brand. The products offered by this brand have little sweetness and nutty notes that provide a delicious flavor to the green tea lovers.

It also provides the delicious daily matcha option that is good for those who want powder green tea. The famous green tea options of this brand are Nagomi, Yorokobi, Kokorobi ceremonial organic matcha green tea, Matcha moment essential tea set, Uji Hikari matcha green tea, and Gokou matcha green tea.


IPPODO is also the best Japanese green tea selling brand that has expanded its business to US. It was founded in 1846 and now is on the top-selling brand for green tea.

This prestigious tea producer has specialty in its manufacturing process, that is why it is served in seminars and functions. The famous products of this brand are Matcha powder Unmon-no-Mukashi, matcha drink Uji-Shimizu Sticks, hasen bamboo whisk and many others.


What is the best Japanese green tea?

Gyokuro is the best green tea in Japan with sweet taste and unique production from green leaves and shade grown ta leaves.

Do Japanese drink green tea daily?
Yes, it is their favorite drink, so they drink it whenever they want so; in morning, evening or after lunch.