Can You Replicate Military Ties?

British soldiers traditionally wore military ties to establish their classification and rank within the regiment they belonged to. Regimental ties also helped identify their position on the battlefield, supporting the chain of command. The force’s tie worn would typically feature specific colors or emblems and were designed to signal loyalty and pride off the field.

Today, military ties are often worn for formal events. These important dates may include ceremonial and military parades, presentations, dinners, and social occasions such as reunions between members of a regiment. Sadly, over time, items of uniform can sometimes become worn or lose their luster, and in some cases, are misplaced or lost.

Military Ties

Fortunately, it is still possible to find the exact design worn by a particular regiment. This ensures that former soldiers and pilots can attend their events proudly, sporting the colors of the service they were enlisted in.

Ties For Specific Services

Army ties were worn by a wide variety of regiments who fought on foot and as part of a cavalry. Air force ties were also adopted by Britain’s Royal Air Force. RAF ties are exceptionally diverse in terms of the colors and motifs featured. For some formal services, a simple black tie may be worn as part of a service dress uniform or to complete war service tunics.

Modern design services can replicate regimental ties of any kind, providing they have appropriate reference images to work from. Those looking to update their military tie can send a photo of it to bespoke tie making services that will fashion a perfect replica to match the initial design. If no existing item of clothing is available for reference, images can often be found online of ties worn by different military forces.

What are modern military ties made from?

Since they were first introduced, forces ties have been manufactured using a wide range of materials. Part of the reason that many ties need replacing is that over a long period of time, the materials used in their manufacturing can degrade. Some of the initial ties worn by armed forces were woven from silk, while more modern ties are typically made from polyester yarn.

Unfortunately, the most common way this yarn is formed is using crude oil to create the polyester employed. The process of obtaining this fossil fuel and creating polyester yarn from it isn’t kind to the environment. While products are hardier today, ensuring they last longer, they can’t be recycled if they become damaged.

Eco-friendly regimental ties

Those looking to replace or upgrade their regimental ties will be pleased to know another solution exists. Green-minded tie makers are now producing polyester ties that are designed to endure without causing damage to our environment.

Using recycled plastic bottles, manufacturers can create a robust polyester yarn that is far more sustainable. For every military tie made using this forward-thinking approach, two fewer plastic bottles will pollute the seas or end up buried in a landfill. If a tie becomes difficult to clean or is torn and must be disposed of, it can be efficiently recycled without causing environmental damage.

In brief, military ties can be easily replaced whether they are part of an army or air force uniform. Regardless of the era they were worn in and the style, color or symbols they feature, a tie can be produced to suit all needs. Furthermore, service people seeking to wear the colors of their regiment with pride at important occasions and commemorative events can feel safe in the knowledge that the tie they wear was created with no harm to their country.

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