Don’t Forget To Pack These Three Items When Going On A Beach Vacation

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A beach vacation is a perfect opportunity for you to take a break from everyday life to relax and unwind. From lazy days on the beach to long nights listening to the waves and enjoying an indulgent cocktail, you are sure to return home totally refreshed and with lots of happy memories to last a lifetime.

Beach Vacation

However, while you might dream of packing lightly with only a toothbrush and a bikini, there are certain items that you shouldn’t leave home without, especially if you are vacationing off the beaten track. Here are three items that you shouldn’t forget to pack when going on a beach vacation.

Sun lotion

Plenty of sun lotion is perhaps the most essential item for a beach vacation. While you might dream of spending your days lazing on a sun lounger on the beach working on your tan, the sun can do a huge amount of damage to exposed skin, and you could be at risk of developing skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.

Although different skin types can handle different levels of sun exposure, doctors advise wearing a minimum of factor 30 sun lotion and regularly reapplying throughout the day to ensure that you are protected.

Sun lotion is not readily available at some locations or is priced with a high mark-up, so make sure that you bring enough to last for the duration of your vacation.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses when you are on vacation: you do not have to constantly switch between your glasses and prescription sunglasses, and you can even wear one day contact lenses for swimming.

Make sure that you have packed enough daily disposable lenses to cover each day of your vacation, plus extra pairs so that you can switch out lenses that you have worn whilst swimming to prevent infections. If you wear monthly contact lenses, pack enough cleaning fluid to see you through.

If you are vacationing on a secluded beach resort, you may not have access to contact lens cleaning solutions in small shops. Always take your glasses with you as a backup in case anything happens to your lenses – you may prefer not to wear them for photographs, but at least you will be able to clearly see the spectacular tropical sunset.


It’s common for travelers to experience minor ailments when vacationing in a different environment to what they are used to. For example, your digestive systems could become overloaded with the new and interesting flavors of the delicious food and drink you are having, with the consequence that you develop traveler’s diarrhea.

Or, you could experience mild heat exhaustion after staying in the sun for too long. Prepare yourself by bringing a small vacation first aid kit that includes medications that you may struggle to find in different locations. Paracetamol for mild pain relief, pepto-bismol to settle upset stomachs, and rehydration sachets are essential inclusions.

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