Easily Make Travel Videos Of Your Vacation Trip

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What is a trip of a lifetime without any fondly kept memories! Besides, travel destinations the world over offer so many video opportunities to share with friends and family. You can store these video albums on a chip for years and share memories with future generations. With tools like InVideo, making such videos to capture all your unique travel moments is now way simpler than it used to be. 

Tips on Making a Travel Video

Travel Videos Of Your Vacation Trip

You don’t need a background in video making to create a travel video. You can make a professional-style video by following these tips on filming, planning, and editing:

Get the Equipment You Need

The kind of equipment you will use for your video will depend on the destination. From high-end cameras to your trusted smartphone, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

A hand-held camera, a camcorder, or a DSLR camera are the tools you need for high-quality vacation footage. For unforgettable adventures underwater, a GoPro is the best bet. If you want to avoid spending on a professional camera, an advanced smartphone camera is sufficient. 

Equipment Protection

Your camera can create stunning memories but is also vulnerable to damage.

There are a lot of camera bags to protect your equipment, but for a professional shoot, you need durable bags with padding. You can get water-resistant carry bags that are the perfect way to keep your waterproof camera safe and dry. 

Plan Your Trip

If you want to make a stunning video, don’t go for a spontaneous trip. Plan your trip and have a detailed itinerary. This will ensure that you have the right equipment to capture the unique sights and sounds of a particular destination.

You can spend time researching each tourist spot and decide on the ones you want to include in your video. Part of your research would also include the weather report to ensure adverse weather conditions don’t play spoilsport.

If you are planning to shoot a video when natural lighting is poor, you should ensure there are low-light photography features in your camera. 

Design Your Shot List

Just as planning your destination is important, having a plan for your shots also helps. You might want shots from different angles for the same subject.

If, for example, you are visiting Madame Tussauds, you might want the footage to include the ticketing counter and show yourself in the same frame as world-famous celebrities that have made this iconic tourist landmark their home.

You could also plan your trip inside this tourist landmark and make your video more interesting. 

Narrating Your Experience

You can narrate your experience when you are making the video or after the video is complete. The selfie mode is best for narration while you are recording the video at the site. If you are with a group, they can join you to make the narrative more interesting. 

The narration can also be added after you’ve completed filming the video. For best results, prepare a script and record your narration. An impacting title and vivid descriptions make great narrations. To make things interesting, you can do a mix of both types of narration. 

There are online video editing tools that offer a video creator free and you can effortlessly edit your video to capture and narrate incredible memories. 


Whether it’s your friend, a tour guide, or a local, adding a new face always makes videos more watchable. However, you need to take permission before you add someone to your video.

Besides that, combining the voices of someone with shots of the actual location adds value to your video. Not only does it make the video more exciting, but your viewers can also follow it easily. 

Use the Time-Lapse Feature

You can record certain events at a slow pace by filming the sequence of frames at specified intervals. When playing the video, the action takes place faster. The camera needs to be steady, and then you need to wait. The best way to film time-lapses is using a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, keep your camera or phone on a flat surface. 

The best subjects for time-lapses would be moving scenes like a brilliant sunset or a busy scene in the middle of the city. You can set your camera or smartphone at a strategic point like a restaurant, where you will spend a couple of hours. This will help you capture the sights and sounds of any tourist destination that best describes your vacation. 

Add Some Music

Your video could be made more exciting by adding music. Be mindful of things like copyright issues when you are adding music to your videos. Social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook won’t allow you to post videos if you have used copyrighted videos without permission. 

There are a lot of sites that offer royalty-free music, and you can use it if it goes with your video. It can be downloaded free of cost, and you can give credit to the creator. If you want, you can also pay a royalty and use certain music. 

Editing Your Work

When you’ve returned from your trip, unpacked, and got rid of your jet lag, it’s time to edit your video. While whizzing down the mountain during your ski vacation, there must have been moments you want everyone to see and others you want to be removed. There could be parts of your video that are blurry or shaky, and these should be edited to improve video quality. 

Look at the video and then plan the placement of your clips so that they fit into your story. Find out the best way to use narration, time-lapses, or other techniques so that you can create the greatest impact. 

Editing your work is hassle-free with InVideo’s online video editor. It takes just a few minutes to edit your video like a professional on the online platform. The best part is that this feature is free. You can choose from a variety of templates, stickers, filters, effects, and more according to your requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Videos of your vacation can certainly go viral if you have the right ideas and the right tools. Plus, planning your video will decide its success. From destinations to narration, you need to script everything so that the final product looks professional. 

Making travel videos is easy with online platforms like InVideo. These sites have tools like video makers and editors with various templates to choose from. You can also upload your complete video on YouTube and share it with your friends. If you are planning to create a travel video, visit InVideo to make it memorable.