Electricity At The Campsite – What Is Worth Knowing About It?

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There’s a lot of talk about RV travel in terms of independence, but it’s worth remembering that in order to truly enjoy complete freedom, you must first take care of it.

There are several options for enjoying the convenience of camping electricity. If you want to learn about all of them, feel free to check out the article! Below are the most common solutions for getting energy in an RV or caravan.

Electricity in an RV

Electricity in an RV – Why Is It Necessary?

It’s hard to imagine traveling without complete access to electricity. It is thanks to it that you can use various devices, such as smartphones, laptops, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.

In addition, some camping refrigerators can be powered by both gas and electricity – in a situation where you run out of gas, you can quickly switch the refrigerator to electricity to avoid defrosting.

Many campsites in Poland and Europe are designed so that visitors can freely use electricity. However, before going to a particular site, it is worth asking about the need to buy any connections or gadgets that will ensure a safe connection to electricity.

A sizable number of people at campgrounds use inverters. These are devices that allow you to change the current from the battery (12V/24V) to the kind we know from home sockets (i.e. 230V). It is this voltage that is used in popular appliances we use both at home and in the RV – lamps, shavers, or hair dryers.

Importantly, inverters also protect against damage, in case you happen to reverse-connect the wires. In our opinion, they’re a camper must-have for anyone who likes to take advantage of the options available at public campgrounds.

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How Much Does Electricity Cost At A Campground?

With this it varies – some campgrounds include electricity in the daily cost of using the parcel, and some charge electricity consumption for each camper separately.

Mostly, you’ll pay about 20 zlotys for a daily electricity connection, although, of course, the price may be different for a traveling couple and a large family. It is worth noting, however, that such costs assume you have your own cable and plug.

If you don’t have one, perhaps the campsite will allow you to rent equipment, but it’s worth asking about this before you leave – in Poland, not every berth rents cables.

Alternative Energy Sources At The Campsite

Among the alternative energy sources used by campers, solar panels are leading the way. This is a solution for people who want to use an additional source and reduce the cost of using electricity.

Solar panels for an RV can be selected according to their size and our needs. Photovoltaics are a great solution for caravanning fans. The panels collect energy throughout the day, even while driving.

Thus, already after stopping at the campsite, you can freely use the refrigerator, laptop, smartphone, or kettle. The power of the panels depends on their size. The smallest panels will provide energy that is just enough to charge your laptop battery.

With the larger ones, you will be able to take care of the refrigerator’s continuous operation. What’s more, solar panels in the summer are also useful for covering the demand for electricity consumed by air conditioning. And as you know, today it is difficult to imagine traveling without proper air conditioning!

Energy obtained from solar panels can be used for various equipment – depending on our needs. Campers are increasingly opting for alternative sources of energy – they are not only efficient but also, above all, ecological and safe for the environment!

Which Solar Panels To Choose For An RV?

It depends on the type of camper. Both flexible and rigid panels can be used on RVs, but you need to pay attention to the mounting possibilities in your vehicle. For example, rigid solar panels are more often installed on campers with a straight roof, but they require the additional use of a rack.

On the other hand, wherever there are protuberances, flexible panels should be used. This type of photovoltaics does not have a frame, so it is easier to fit the panel to the surface of the car. Both options have their supporters.

Not sure which panels will work best for your vehicle? Our specialists from the camping accessories store will be happy to help you choose the right equipment.

Year-Round Energy In An RV

Those who like to travel in an RV regardless of the season should look into yet another alternative energy source.  We are talking about lithium batteries, which are one of the best ways to store energy and create an off-grid system.

Lithium batteries are very practical – you can use the entire capacity of the battery. And importantly, they are also suitable for safe use in winter. Manufacturers usually declare that such devices will work in temperatures from -30 to as high as 60 degrees Celsius without any problems.

Lithium batteries are not the cheapest solution, but they are certainly worth considering. Importantly, such equipment is about 50% lighter than ordinary batteries, which is of considerable importance for users of campers and caravans. In our camping accessories store, you can buy Efoy lithium batteries. This is a well-known and appreciated manufacturer of fuel cells.

Importantly, such cells are safe for the environment and at the same time do not emit any noise, so they will not make your vacation miserable.

In addition, the cells can be installed in one of several places indicated by the manufacturer. We are talking about the space under the floor, the storage space, as well as the luggage compartment.

A big advantage of EFOY fuel cells is an integrated system that makes it easy to track the operation of a particular cell. You can view it on an electronic display that will be mounted inside the camper.

Is It Worth Buying A Lithium Battery?

If you often travel away from official campgrounds and to places that don’t offer connections, a lithium battery will certainly be a good choice. The batteries available at the camping accessories store are distinguished by their high power level.

They allow, for example, 40 hours of refrigerator cooling on a single charge. In addition, the battery can be easily transferred between different parts of the camper. Its big advantage is also the integrated display, which makes it easy to read, among other things, the battery’s charge level and performance.

Chargers For Portable Equipment In An RV

If you’re looking for additional power sources to quickly charge your smartphone, for example, you should consider buying compact, high-powered chargers. Such equipment can include Goal Zero Sherpa, an airline-approved charger (power-bank).

This is specialized equipment for charging sports cameras, smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and other everyday electronic devices. A large power bank is a considerable expense, but definitely worth the price – especially if you’re traveling with the whole family, and everyone wants to charge their phone or laptop for the kids’ evening cartoons.

For those with slightly smaller needs, we recommend the Goal Zero Flip 24 Green power bank. It’s a powerful device that comes in handy for quickly charging a smartphone or e-book reader. It’s a good idea to have a power bank on the road so that you can use an independent power source when needed.

Electrical Accessories For Your RV

If you need special equipment for your motorhome, visit a specialty store! There you will find, among other things, batteries, alternative power sources, electric generators, adapters for your camper, 230V camping wires, and battery chargers and power supplies.

Camping accessories stores offer a wide range of accessories for both beginners and experienced campers. There you will find not only electrical accessories but also chemicals, gas tanks, tents and tents, kitchen equipment, camping furniture, and bathroom equipment.

This way, you can completely outfit your motorhome before the season in one store. It’s a convenient option, especially if you’re planning small repairs or changes to your camper or caravan.

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