The Exciting Possibilities of Superheroes

Last Updated on 3 years ago by Nicky Johnson

Whether you are ten years old or approaching some big numbers when it comes to your age, you probably have a thing for superheroes. After all, everyone wants to have some superpowers, and if you can’t have them your self it is nice to live vicariously through the efforts of a character.

Seeing a character fly, fight evil or use amazing strength is both fun and exciting. This is certainly the case when it comes to Stargirl, a unique superhero in the DC universe.

The teen drama web television series, overseen by executive producer Geoff Johns, is an excellent way to get your fix of superpowers in action for the good of the world.

The TV show comes from the minds of Johns and Lee Moder, as they first created Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl, for DC Comics. From there, the versatile hero leaped into action onto the screen, where she can do things you can only dream about.

Special Powers

If you have ever dreamed about superpowers (and who hasn’t?), you might wish you could fly or turn invisible. Maybe it is something a little more modest, such as being able to ace your next math test or cook the perfect blueberry pancakes. Usually, though, people opt for the more spectacular powers. In no particular order, here are some powers people desire:

  • Immortality
  • Teleportation
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Time travel
  • Telepathy

When it comes to Stargirl, she has her own impressive set of powers. She is able to use energy manipulation for the good of the world., as she shoots solar energy from her shaft.

Stargirl also has the power of flight as she travels at high rates of speed and up to unknown heights. She also has extraordinary speed and agility and manipulates force fields.

Interesting Traits

Many superheroes have fascinating backgrounds and intriguing personality traits, not all of them complementary. Sometimes the powerful come from humble beginnings, were born on distant planets, have anger management issues or don’t play well with others.

Stargirl also has some interesting quirks that make her more fascinating and that endear her to watchers and readers.

Though Stargirl comes from humble beginnings, she seems destined for greatness. She is the stepdaughter of one Pat Dugan who was the superhero known as Stripesy.

Stargirl also collaborates well with others, and she has learned a lot from Power Girl, as well as having a romantic connection with none other than Captain Marvel. As you might expect Stargirl faces an arch-nemesis.

For her, it is Shiv, a formidable foe who seeks revenge on Stargirl for killing her father, the Dragon King.

Helpful Accessories

To get around, Stargirl often relies on the Sar-Rocket Racer, a flying space vehicle. This unique superhero also relies on her cosmic staff, which is the basis for many of her powers. She can even control it with mental commands.

As Stargirl clearly illustrates, the world of superpowers creates many exciting possibilities. You can imagine flying through the upper regions of the sky or controlling solar energy to stop super villains. With superpowers, just about anything is possible.