Fun Fitness: 5 Activities That Don’t Feel Like Exercise

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

Sometimes working out can feel like a chore and when this is the case, it is much more difficult to get on with it. Instead of putting in endless kilometers of boring trails on the treadmill or dragging yourself through that workout app, why not make your workouts more fun. When you fill your workout schedule with activities that don’t even feel like exercise, you will be much more likely to stick to your plan and achieve your goals. 

There are countless things that you can do that will increase your heart rate and ensure that you break a sweat. Whether you go it alone or work out with friends and family, with a little effort and imagination, you can find some great activities that will help you to stay in shape while you have fun. Whether you reignite an old passion or you try something new, finding interesting ways to work out is the best way to better results.


Try Table Tennis

Buy a table tennis table and host tournaments with your friends and family. Play round-robin, doubles or knockout games to make things a little more interesting. Table tennis is a surprisingly good cardio workout and when you are having so much fun, it won’t even feel like you are working out. 

Go Roller-Skating

Roller-skating has made a big comeback in recent years in the retro-revival. More people than ever or dusting off their old skates or buying brand-new models to hit the pavements. This is a great cardio exercise that improves coordination, balance and core strength. Cruising along on your skates, you will completely forget that you are burning calories as you will be having so much fun

Take A Surf Lesson

There’s nothing quite like paddling out into the surf with your mates to spend time catching waves together. For beginners, a surf lesson is a great way to learn the basics while spending an active afternoon in the water. Once you catch your first wave, you will soon be heading out to buy your very own board, so you can plan your next surf session. 

Play Basketball

Whether you have a big enough group for two five-a-side teams or it’s just you and a friend in a game of one on one, basketball is a fun way to stay in shape. Shooting hoops not only gives you a great cardio workout, but the plyometric aspect helps to increase lean muscle mass too. Whether you play competitively or for fun, playing basketball is much more exciting than a plyo-workout at the gym. 

Do Martial Arts

For many people, martial arts is a lifestyle and going to the gym to practice never feels like working out, as martial artists always look forward to their next session. There are many martial arts to choose from with something for every taste and interest Jiu-Jitsu can be a great starting point as there is no striking, meaning there is less risk of head injuries from occurring, compared with boxing, Muay Thai or other stand-up disciplines

Take Your Workouts To The Next Level Without The Need For A Gym

Staying consistent with your workouts is all about ensuring that you have as much fun with your approach to staying in shape as possible. Whether you’re into dancing, rock-climbing, skating, cycling, running or anything else active, be sure to incorporate your passions into your workout routine. If you can find ways to be active that you enjoy, you will be much more likely to have fun, stick with your new active lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.