How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Feet In 3 Easy Ways

Last Updated on 3 years ago by Nicky Johnson

Before hitting the road of how to get rid of calluses on feet in 3 days, I would like to recall a remarkable notion.Once Warren Buffet was addressing the students of a high school and he said: “What if I were to pay for any car you go buy outside the world with a bounty of learning & taking caring of it by yourself?” It’s going to be a onetime thing and you can never replace or exchange that car wig any person. Likewise, you would have to teach yourself how to drive it because no manual would be allowed to hand over to you at the time of acquisition. All the students were stunned and astonished. Then he said “That car is our body. We have been given this piece from the creator of the world and we sat learn to take care of it because nobody is going to do so for us.

In the light of stated event above, it so wise today that “Health is wealth”. So, today we are going to shed a light over one of the most recurring and common issues in adults entitled as “chow to get rid of calluses”. It is a common issue which gets developed due to the extensive routine if mandatory care of feet is not taken.

Let us go through top 3 ways to get rid of this dilemma.

Feet Soaking

It is by far the easiest yet simplest method to get rid of hard skin on feet. You may go for it by oaring some hot water in the tub & adding the handful of Epsom salt in it. After stirring it thoroughly, put your hands or feet’s in the water and rub the hard skin with pumices stone. Repeat the process each day by rubbing a thick foot lotion on the concerned area. The same answer can go for “how to get rid of calluses on hands”.

Appropriate part protection

Yes the other perfect way to avoid getting any kind of subjected dilemma in life is the protection of the body parts. You see what causes calluses is a wide arena I which the most prominent gladiator is rubbing of our parts like feet or hands with shoes or any surface.

To avoid this troublesome situation, one must try to cover the sensitive parts more often will not only help in reinstating the previous damage but would also help in avoiding any future trauma.

Oil & Pineapple

Subjected items have been a source of great cure for the discussing entity. By applying olive oil & covering it with cotton socks, one can further the cause of getting rid of calluses. In addition to it, by covering the affected area by the peel of pineapple and securing it with duct tape dead skin tissues can be eradicated. Though, it must be taken in caution that peel of pineapple must be changed every day.

Apart from above-stated notions, one can go for the solution of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar etc. in the quest of how to get rid of calluses.