How Is Data Virtualization Used in Dentistry?

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Data has become an important part of business in this modern era, and no business is exempt from the need to properly manage their information. While you may think data is only for tech giants and financial institutions, everyone relies on it—even your dentist.

Having access to patient data beyond a physical database and access to new innovations is what is driving dentistry in the 21st century. Here are just some of the ways that data virtualization is getting dentists into a new era of patient care.

Dentists have easier access to medical records

How Is Data Virtualization Used in Dentistry

Data experts will stress that there are 10 things you need to know about data virtualization:

  1. It’s cheaper to maintain than traditional data integration tools.
  2. It’s a faster data management platform.
  3. It complements traditional databases.
  4. It maximizes performance.
  5. It enables self-service business intelligence.
  6. It ensures secure data governance.
  7. It goes beyond data federation.
  8. It’s a great investment.
  9. It’s more agile than traditional data platforms.
  10. It gives the right context for users.

Data virtualization has made its way into various facets of the industry, including in your dentist’s office. Whether it’s 3D dental imaging or routine dental care, quick access to files can help dental professionals and their staff be sure that you are getting the best care based on your records.

Now, dentists can pull up X-rays, 3D scans, and other data right as you sit in the chair, rather than having to comb through archaic files that may not be updated properly. Quick access to an image of your teeth better helps recognize where there may be underlying issues.

Offices can expedite the claims process

How Is Data Virtualization Used in Dentistry

If you have dental insurance, you may be required to pay for your visit on the spot and then be reimbursed later. There is nothing worse than a drawn-out insurance claims process.

However, the dental world is recognizing the importance of providing the best treatment while getting insurance companies to pay their patients back. A dental office is now able to upload the claims form almost immediately after your visit, financing everything from routine cleanings to root canals.

Data virtualization is allowing for quick access to information to make for easier coding and a formatted submission through a regulated algorithm.

Insurance providers will require documentation for these claims, be these traditional dental X-rays or 3D technology, to show that the services have occurred.

Thanks to medical technology through data virtualization platforms, practitioners across the United States are able to upload dental X-rays to a platform like you would your average Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

The dental industry is welcoming this technological development, as it also allows for upload to patient portals, making things even more transparent for patients when it comes to dental care.

It’s Coming to the Rescue in Dental Emergencies

Data Virtualization Used in Dentistry

As previously mentioned, data virtualization is helping to establish patient portals to give those receiving care access to and understanding of more of what goes into their treatment plan.

This is also beneficial to patients in the event of a dental emergency. Emergency room technicians will be able to provide as much information as possible on your dental care to an oral surgeon who may have limited time to begin procedures.

This real-time access to X-rays, 3D images, and past medical records will allow ER doctors to create a treatment plan while having an understanding of your past dental work, such as a crown or root canal.

Data virtualization is helping to provide a new standard of dental care that is putting less on the archaic databases of the past and bringing them into a cloud hybrid environment that can handle everything from medical imaging to getting your insurance claim satisfied.

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