How Many Hours on Average do Dogs sleep? What is the activity pattern?

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Your dog tends to be inactive and you are wondering to find out how many hours do dogs sleep? Well, here we are guiding you about it.

Do you have a dog as your pet? Then take a look at him. What is your pet up to at this moment? The chances are that he will be taking a nap. There are a number of dog owners who are worried about why dogs sleep so much. Scientists and experts are unable to figure out the reason behind their long sleep duration. Considering the average, a dog spends over half of a day sleeping.

According to a theory, the humans doze straight for a few hours which means that about 25% of their whole doze is in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). However, dogs take shorter naps and due to that, the REM rate is only 10%. Therefore, they have to take naps again and again to log sufficient energy that they require. Below, you will get to know how many hours do dogs sleep and a few more things.

How much sleep is average

The average hours of sleep for a dog is around 12 to 14 hours in a 24 hours day. And it is just a beginning, the lower level, the estimate for adult dogs. Puppies tend to sleep a lot longer than adult dogs. More than two-thirds of their day is spent sleeping. A puppy might sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day. Moreover, the older your dog is the more likely he is to spend more time sleeping. And this is not it, the breed also affects the number of hours your dog spends sleeping. Certain breeds tend to have longer naps and, thus, more hours of sleep per day than others. The species like Newbundlands, the great big mastiffs, the great Pyrenees and last but not the least, ST. Bernards also come under the term ‘mat dogs’ due to their long naps. On the other hand, working dogs such as the ones that you find with police and on farms generally sleep less.

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The day of your Dog

So, let’s come towards the day of your dog. How long does your dog sleep? How long is he inactive? How many hours a day he is totally active? Well, for sleep, you have got sufficient information above from which you can conclude that a dog spends at least 50% of his day sleeping. Moreover, from the remaining 50%, 30% of his day is spent inactive. He will be awake but will be lazy and lying around here and there. For the remaining 20% of the day, your dog’s activity level would be at its peak.

You might be thinking now how come my dog is so lazy when he always alerts me when a mail carrier is at doorsteps? Well, dogs tend to sleep when they are bored. And unlike humans who rest best and stick to their schedule, dogs are flexible. They become active as soon as they sense something around them.

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So, how many hours do dogs sleep? Well, the answer is given to you above. If you think that there is something wrong with the sleeping pattern of your dog or in concern with his activities, then do not waste any time in going to the vet.

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