How To Create An Appealing Business Website

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Start with the good news by reading that business websites don’t have to be boring.  In fact, people would prefer you spice it up a bit.  However, as in everything in life, there should be a balance.  

If you’re working on drafting your first business website, you may not have an idea on where to begin and what to include with your design.  Take some time for research now, and read through a short compilation of a few tips on creating an appealing business website.  

How To Create An Appealing Business Website

Use An Attractive Color Scheme

Colors make a big difference in consumer reaction, and there’s plenty of scientific data to back up such claims.  The challenge is finding the right color scheme for your brand.  

Understanding the psychology behind color will help you choose a more effective collection of colors for your design.  Take a little time to dig into what colors make a stronger impact on people, and use your newfound knowledge to your advantage as you design.  

High quality images and video

You can catch the eye of web users with strategically chosen images, video, and social media blurbs throughout your design.  People want something engaging to do when they visit a new website.  

You can make the web user’s journey a bit more interesting by adding interactive features.  Just make sure you are using content that is properly formatted so as not to slow down your site’s loading capabilities.  

Keep navigation simple for users

Though its true people want something to explore on your pages, it is also true that they don’t want the process to be too involved.  Adding a stationary navigation bar along the top of your design is the easiest way to keep navigation simple for your visitors.  

Take a look at an excellent example in action.  This energy solutions management operation setup a simple navigation bar that makes it easy for you to find the information you want to explore without wondering where to click.  

Invest in fast loading speeds 

Speedy loading is essential if you want a business website that maintains the interest of users.  People won’t stick around to explore if they have to wait forever for your pages to load.  Always invest the time needed to really set up a fast-moving site.  Speedy loading equals more engagement.  

Add a blog to your Design

Add a blog to your business website, but make it a good one.  You know what is boring and what is engaging.  Make sure your blog posts are filled with interesting and useful information.  

Aim to teach and excite readers about subjects relevant to your organization, and people will spend more time actually reading your posts.

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