How to Deal with the Biting Habit of a Puppy

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

When you bring a puppy to your home, it is like having a new family member that you can play with and love unconditionally. However, as any new pet owner, you must also train your pet. Things like house training and basic commands are essential, but it is also a good idea to think about your puppy’s habit of biting and nipping.

It is perfectly normal for puppies to nip and bite, especially during playtime. But try to discourage this behavior as much as possible because it could cause harm to other people or animals if allowed to continue. 

Here is how you can deal with your puppy’s habit of biting:

How to Deal with the Biting Habit of a Puppy

Stop Encouraging Your Puppy

Some people may find it cute for their pet to engage in behaviors such as nipping and biting. However, if your puppy is allowed to do this for a prolonged period by you or others, your puppy will never know that it is unacceptable behavior.

Puppies often nip at each other when playing, but it usually stops when this behavior is not encouraged. Therefore, do not encourage pets to bite you by reacting positively to the behavior. Instead, say a firm ‘no’ and stop whatever you are doing when your puppy nips you. 

Choose a Mild Punishment 

If your pup often bites when playing, then firmly say ‘no’ and ignore your pet for a short period. Punishment will show your pet that this type of behavior is not suitable. If your puppy bites you when you are not playing, it is essential to give a minor punishment to tell your puppy that biting is not good. 

However, do not shout or hit your puppy, as this will make them scared and confused. Instead, say ‘no’ in a firm voice. This will show your pet that it cannot behave in this way when you are not playing and must obey commands at all times.

Supervise Playtime

As with anything else, it is essential to be vigilant with puppies and supervise their playtime. If you are not around, put your puppy in a designated play area wherein they cannot harm anyone.

It is also essential that you play with your puppy regularly to keep it entertained and teach them the difference between playing and fighting.

Once your dog has stopped nipping at people during playtime, gradually introduce new toys to distract your pet when it becomes too boisterous. This will help to tire out your dog so that it does not bite out of boredom.

Get a Professional Trainer

If you struggle to deal with your puppy’s biting habits, and all your efforts go in vain, then it may be worth getting a professional trainer to help you. A professional dog trainer will be able to resolve this issue for you effectively so that your pet can enjoy a happy life without being punished for natural behavior. Contact your local dog training center today to see if they offer any services or courses on dealing with your puppy’s biting habits. Coping with a puppy that often bites can be frustrating, but you can successfully train your pet not to do it again with patience and perseverance. 

By following the simple tricks, you will be well on your way to having a well-behaved dog.