All-Year Cheer: How to Decorate a Bedroom for Endless Holiday Spirit

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This is the season to bust out the twinkling lights, winter whites, and a whole lot of joy. 2020 may have been tough, but injecting some cheer into your space by learning how to decorate a bedroom with festive items, such as fluffy blankets, stringed lights, and garlands, could just be the pick-me-up you’ve been yearning for all year — and experts agree.

One study found that those who embrace the holiday season early by putting up decorations and indulging in the festivities are happier than their counterparts. Some festive enthusiasts may even experience post-holiday blues as the decorations come down, which is why many people leave their Christmas trees up until New Year’s. But what if you could keep the decorations and prolong the holiday spirit?

Getting started can be tricky, especially when you need to figure out how to decorate a bedroom with ornaments that become irrelevant come Eastertime. But we’ve rounded up some festive decor trends that you won’t want to take down anytime soon.


Get Acquainted with Luxurious Winter Basics

To set your festive decor agenda in motion, look no further than your bed itself. Mattress sizes and mattress dimensions play key roles when you’re trying to decide how to decorate a bedroom.

If your bed is too big for the little space you might have in your room, chances are you’re limited by your decor options. On the other hand, if your mattress size is too small, the excessive free space could pose a challenge if you’re trying to decorate on a budget.

When shopping for new beds, understand the dimensions of your room, what your body needs, and your lifestyle to determine the right mattress sizes. For instance, a full-size mattress may look big enough to accommodate two people, but these mattress dimensions won’t leave you much room, especially if you prefer having your own space while sleeping. Once your basics are in place, you can use that as your focal point and start thinking of effective ways to decorate your space.

Deck the Walls with String Lights

Though commonly associated with Christmas, string lighting is a popular option and a great place to start when you’re trying to decide how to decorate a bedroom for the holidays.  Not only do they provide a soft, warm glow that’s guaranteed to keep the cozy spirit of wintertime alive, but string lights are also the foundation of many creative DIY projects.

If you’re unsure about how to decorate a bedroom with string lights or don’t want to hang them up on your walls, try making an illuminated constellation art instead. For this distinctive piece of wall decor, you will need plywood, paint, and Christmas lights. After painting the constellations, you can create holes through the painted dots and push the stringed lights through the holes.

For an easier DIY project, create your own lamp by placing the stringed lights in a vase or empty wine bottle.

Create Textured Layers for Maximum Coziness

Nothing compares to snuggling under a faux fur blanket on a chilly winter night. Beyond helping you stay cozy and warm, layering throw blankets can instantly evoke a festive mood, especially if you add red or green cushions to amp up the Christmas spirit.

For a holiday color scheme that will get you through the festive season and beyond, seek inspiration from Scandinavian decorating ideas. You can effortlessly achieve a Scandi vibe by keeping things simple in the bedroom and layering a faux fur throw blanket or a cooling blanket in a neutral color palette. To enliven your room with a pop of color, try adding a few houseplants and stringing some lights around them.

Work with Warmer Hues

Not sure how to decorate a bedroom for the holiday season that’ll look appropriate even during summertime? The key is avoiding the traditional red-and-green color scheme that’s commonly associated with Christmas. You could embrace a wintery white theme, but warm tones are the key to achieving a festive look that’ll last all year long.

Enhancing the warmth in your bedroom can be as simple as adding cushions in shades of maroon, mustard, and brown to break up the monotony of an otherwise neutral color palette. Alternatively, you can add a warm-toned throw on top of your furniture to transform old pieces.

Find Creative Ways to Use Holiday Decor

When you’re deciding how to decorate a bedroom for the festive season, your instinct might tell you to go all out on the Christmas decor and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, wreaths, garlands, and glittery baubles are essential for adding a festive flair to your bedroom.

Though you might not think these items could last you all year, all you need is a little bit of creativity. For instance, after you take down your Christmas tree, you can repurpose the ornaments or acorns by placing them in a vase and displaying them on your mantelpiece. For more ideas, please visit Polar X Ornaments.

To keep the festivities going all year, it’s also worth investing in a few pieces that aren’t specific to Christmas, such as snow-dusted decor.

By learning how to decorate a bedroom for the holiday season, you have the perfect opportunity to revamp your space into one that brings you joy all year round. Start with the basics, such as finding a top-rated mattress, determining a suitable color palette, and investing in good furniture, and use that as the starting point for adding a dose of festive fun to your room.

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