How to Edit a Travelogue Video

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Looking to capture the memories of your holiday trip? Or do you have plans to start your YouTube channel on traveling? Regardless of your choice, new technology guarantees smooth video editing and top-quality footage.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to film travel videos. People find it enjoyable to record their trips and share them with family and friends. But sailing through the flooded industry of video marketing is not easy.

The editing part of a travelogue video is quite complicated. There are tons of clips to be organized and placed in series and even people, colors, places, and elements that you need to incorporate in the perfect travelogue.

Some tips that can help you in editing a travelogue video are as follows:

How to Edit a Travelogue Video

Get Your Hands on a Reliable Video Editing Tool

Before starting with the editing part, make sure to organize and back up all your clips. This will make it easier for you to edit them all together. Choosing the right video editing tool becomes important here because you will need different features to make the editing effortless.

Video editing is a time-consuming procedure, but using the right video editor will cut this time short. A super-intuitive and user-friendly video editing tool will help you bring all your footage in one place, go through them, and edit them one after the other.

Planning Your Shots is Very Important

Making a travelogue means you will be filming a number of things randomly. It does not matter whether you shoot in a jiffy or by taking a considerable amount of time. What really matters is the end-product that needs to be neat and free of mess.

This will be possible only when you have the skeletal structure of your travel video outlined well in advance. If you are bent on polishing your video editing skills by working on a travelogue, you first need to work thoroughly on your video. Sit down with the content and go through it carefully.

This process involves carefully planning the shots to capture a real story and communicate the same in an interesting way. It is also important to consider the varied angles you are looking to take shots from. Also, consider the emotions you are looking to evoke.

The best option is to click candid pictures of your environment. This will help the viewers understand life at the destination. Also, if there are voice overs in your travelogue, consider everything you want to convey during the trip.

Always Shoot Extra Footage

Keep in mind that your travelogue is a video of a few minutes. You will have to factor in everything you witnessed during your journey in this video, which will merely be a few minutes in length.

Therefore, make it a point to shoot more pictures and incorporate more viewpoints. This will make your video appear complete after you complete editing. Taking extra footage will offer you several editing options.

When shooting the video, arrange the different shots in an ideal series or sequence. This will make it easier to edit your travel video without taking much time. That’s because you will have all the material placed in one convenient location.

Trim the Excessive Fat

Going by the basics of how to edit a video, you must have two different types of footage: A-Roll and B-Roll. A-Roll is the recording with an individual facing the camera while speaking.

B-Roll is another section of the footage, including beautiful shots of places, things, and individuals. A-Rolls lay the foundation of a video while B-Rolls support a video and narrate a story further.

Doing the editing job on your own using an online video editor is perfect because it is you who has shot the footage. So, you will have a clear understanding of where the different shots fit into your video.

Before trimming your shots, try watching all the clips. Take notice of the parts that will not be used in the video. And once you are fully satisfied with what you want to remove, start cutting or trimming it off.

Make sure to trim both A-Roll and B-Roll. The best thing about this step is you have the flexibility of chopping up, mixing, matching, and even patching together coherent thoughts.

Keep Your Travelogue Simple and Short

When working on your travel video, avoid having characters or any other individual speaking more than needed. Trim your shots to the point your audience still finds the video interesting.

Having extra footage initially and then cutting down everything will leave you with nothing valuable and interesting. The viewers will not like watching such a travel video. At the same time, you must also understand that people have short attention spans these days.

Include everything valuable in the content but avoid making it lengthy. Keep your travel video simple and short if you do not want the viewers to click away from the content you have worked hard to deliver.

Use Good Sound Effects for Enhancing the Video

Sound and images go hand in hand, just like macaroni and cheese. Using the best sound effects in your travelogue video will boost its quality and evoke emotions among the viewers.

By using sound effects, we don’t mean the main music theme of your video. We are referring to the in-camera recordings or DIY music that you can use in your video for stylizing, strengthening, and informing your visuals.

Fix Subtitles, Colors, and Graphics

It is important to include subtitles in your travel video because most people watching your video will have their devices on mute – these days, this is the trend. Adding subtitles will thus make your video interesting. This is an integral part of the editing procedure. You never know – you might be delivering content to deaf or hard of hearing audiences as well.

Take time to make changes to the colors in your video. Also, try working on the graphics because they play an important role in making any video effective and catchy.


As has already been said, editing a travelogue video might not be easy. But making use of the right online video editing tool and the hints above will make it possible to create videos that grab attention.

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