How to Feel More Confident About Your Smile

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The way you smile can portray many different feelings and emotions. A sincere smile can mean happiness, amusement, relaxation and even pleasure. It’s one of the most common tools people use to express themselves regarding their environment, the people around them, and the things they are doing. A genuine smile often portrays a happy and confident person.

Studies have shown that a happy, smiling face is more accessible and approachable than a sad or frowning face. So how do you feel more confident with your smile? Here are some tips for dental care:

How to Feel More Confident About Your Smile

Fixing your smile

If the reason you’re not smiling is that you have bad teeth, that can be fixed with a visit to the dentist. There are plenty of ways to correct crooked or overlapping teeth, bad breath, missing teeth, yellowing teeth and so on. It’s a confidence killer if you feel you have bad teeth. Some popular treatments include getting dental implants, which will repair any missing teeth and make you feel confident about your smile again.

If you want your smile to be healthy, that means investing in your oral hygiene. Apart from visiting a dentist regularly, it would help to practice good oral hygiene at home. This includes brushing your teeth and flossing them regularly. Using teeth whitening strips is recommended to keep your smile bright and white. Healthy teeth and gums can help you feel more confident about smiling.

Understand the root of your insecurity

It sounds easy, but the thing is, not many people are used to smiling. For some, it’s a natural thing to smile. They can do it effortlessly, but it’s not as straightforward or as natural for some people. If you find yourself wanting to smile more, what can you do? 

One way to start is to ask yourself why you’re being serious all the time. Is it a defense mechanism? Do you think it means you’re more vulnerable? Or do you think your smile isn’t lovely? Do you have bad teeth? The reasons behind your serious face can help uncover underlying issues, enabling you to deal with the problems in a more efficient manner. With time, you can overcome these barriers, one by one.

Overcome your mental blocks

If the reasons for your serious face are to do with your perception of vulnerability or if you think smiling is a defense mechanism, you can start to practice smiling in front of a mirror and see how you feel. Perhaps when you see yourself smiling, you’ll see how you appear friendlier. Practicing smiling in the mirror helps you feel more comfortable with the way you look, and in no time, you feel comfortable with the way your face brightens up when you smile. You’ll also be able to uncover your best side and angles.

You can also read self-help books about self-confidence and smiling to understand that it isn’t a sign of vulnerability. These self-help books feature therapists and professionals who can expertly break down thoughts and emotions related to smiling and help you overcome any concerns you may have.

Practice smiling

Standing in front of a mirror and practicing your smile can help you find the best smile-induced facial expression that compliments your personality and appearance. Speak to people whose smile you admire and ask their opinion on the topic. You can also take selfies to see what you look like smiling from different angles. Practicing smiling also sends signals to the brain, activating happy hormones that can help you smile naturally. This means that you can become more comfortable just by making yourself smile.

Take feedback

If you speak to people whose smile you like and they give you feedback, take it all in. You’ll probably get good feedback such as being confident, just smiling when you’re happy, being genuine and so on. Ask them what makes them feel confident and happy and see if this resonates with you. Try practicing what they do to smile more often and see which tips and tricks work for you best. You’ll probably find something that works uniquely for you along the way.

Smile genuinely

For some people, smiling is easy. They do it with ease, and they are also genuine about it, which is why it’s more appealing. You can see it in their eyes if they are genuinely smiling and are happy about something. While you practice smiling, keep in mind that you want to be sincere about it.

Smiling is contagious, and when you do it, you’ll make other people smile too. It awakens the positive emotions in all of us. It’s an excellent cure for shyness, and it enables people to open up a little bit more. So be genuine about it when you do smile.

So, what are you waiting for? Smile up! It makes you more attractive and physically healthier since smiling lowers your blood pressure and improves your immune system. There’s a higher chance you’ll get something when you smile.

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