How To Organize An Easter Egg Hunt At School

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The Easter egg hunt dates back to the eighteenth century when the religious holiday celebrations merged with a children’s activity. Today, it is almost unthinkable to celebrate Easter without having an egg hunt. The religious festival would just feel incomplete without an Easter egg hunt. 

Although you might be organizing an Easter egg hunt for years, organizing a hunt for the children at school is much different than decorating a basket and hiding eggs at home. Easter egg hunts are mostly organized in homes and neighborhoods, but if you are organizing a hunt in your school, make sure not to underestimate the amount of work and effort that is involved.  

How To Organize An Easter Egg Hunt At School

Even though it is a difficult task, don’t worry, we are here to help. The guide below will help you have a perfect Easter egg hunt at your school this year.

Set the date and time

Since you are planning an egg hunt at school, it would be better to decide the day and time for the hunt beforehand. Easter egg hunts are generally planned on a Saturday, a week or two before Easter. However, you should work with the school management to decide a day within the week that works the best for everyone.

It is important to work out a suitable time for the hunt as well. The most common choice of time for an Easter egg hunt is late morning or early afternoon. You can even start it later in the afternoon, but make sure it ends by 2 pm.


Once you have finalized the day and time for the Easter egg hunt at your school, it is then time to let the students know about it. Start decorating your school for the event. Put out Easter flyers on school walls with information about the Easter egg hunt happening at your school. It is recommended to use Easter flyer templates on PosterMyWall or DesignCap. They are easy to work with and can be created by anyone without the need to hire a professional graphic designer.

How To Organize An Easter Egg Hunt At School


Although the decorations in the school will tell the students about the Easter egg hunt, timely communication is still necessary. Send a home note to students at least two weeks ahead of time. An invitation to the parents would do much better. You can use Easter flyer templates on PosterMyWall to create invitations for students and parents. Include details about the event and welcome them wholeheartedly at the Easter egg hunt at your school.

How To Organize An Easter Egg Hunt At School

Easter eggs

How to get the eggs?

The quantity of the eggs depends on the students in your school. Nevertheless, you will need to get a large number of eggs for the egg hunt at your school. You can ask the parents to send a dozen of plastic eggs per child. In case of a no candy policy in your school, give some suggestions of the stuff they can use to fill out the eggs.

Hide the eggs

When you have successfully arranged the required amount of eggs for the hunt, you should devise a strategy to hide them for each grade. Gather all the eggs in a large bag in the morning, and set a time for the rabbit to hide all the eggs. All the eggs should be hidden ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hustle.

The hunt

Age groups

Your school is likely to have students of all age groups, and it is your task to keep the Easter egg hunt fair for everyone. You can segregate children into appropriate age groups to avoid smaller children getting squashed by the older ones. You can even divide children according to their classes.

If your school has sufficient space, egg hunts for different age groups can be held concurrently. Each class hunting eggs should have a designated place for the egg hunt. It would be easier if you can give specific guidelines to each class. For example:

  • Class 2 will hunt eggs in the soccer field at 1:00 pm.
  • Class 5 will hunt eggs in the front yard at 1:30 pm.

However, in case of insufficient space, the hunts should be performed sequentially, typically starting from the smallest grade.

Time to hunt

Each class should be walked to the designated area when it is time for them to hunt the eggs. There should be appropriate boundaries set for where they can look for the eggs. Tell the students that they are only allowed to pick and gather 12 eggs in their basket. Once every student of the class has 12 eggs, they can walk back to the class where they can open their eggs and see what they got.

Wrapping it up

Organizing an Easter egg hunt requires effort regardless of where you are planning to have it, but if you are looking for an easy way to get it done, follow this guide and organize a great Easter egg hunt at your school.

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