IoT and Security Issues

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What Are IOT Devices?

We will begin this article primarily by defining IoT and the devices associated with it. There is huge advancement and diversity in IoT that security has become a challenging task. The basic specification of IoT is that it can be easily connected to the internet and there is good interaction with the environment via stored data.

However, these devices do not have an unlimited computing capacity and above all, there are some limitations in the features as well. There is a huge diversity in the type of devices and the use of IoT devices is diverse at the same time. It can be used at innumerable places. 

For ordinary users, access to IoT devices is demonstrated in their smart homes. These users are loving the transformations too. Users will be able to maintain the security of their homes and use IoT devices for entertainment purposes with the right security for devices in place too.

Security can be easily maintained with the help of IP cameras and smart locks such as with what  Xfinity Home offers, from security cameras, to Wi-Fi connection with the monitor cams and thermostats controlled with the help of it. You can learn more about it by calling up Xfinity customer service phone number.

In addition to this, there are many other examples of companies that host devices for entertainment, which can be improved via smart TVs and consoles that will keep your preferences in check while suggesting and saving content. The world is getting smarter day by day, so what are you waiting for?

The best thing about IoT devices is that they are portable and can establish connection with any particular network. An ordinary example of this is the way users bring certain devices from home to their workplaces, for example, smartwatches. 

What Are IOT Devices

IoT And Security Issues

IoT stands for the internet of things. This has enhanced significantly that a dire need to keep up its security was felt. In this article, you will learn about IoT and the reason it is necessary to have the right protection when using such technology.

What Are The Security Issues In The IoT?

Although, IoT devices have helped a lot to maintain security there are certain cons of it. One cannot completely rely on IoT devices because of the following reasons:

  1. Threats and risks

There is a huge threat to networks because of the increasing cybercrime. Therefore, there are numerous chances of hacking the security system. In addition to this, many organizations and ordinary people use it for crime because they do not have an access to these modern systems. Some of the threats discussed and need attention are:

  1. Vulnerabilities

Plague users and organizations have created a problem of vulnerabilities. The major reason behind the vulnerabilities of IoT devices is the ordinary computational capacity. The computational capacity for built-in security must be improved. Another reason behind these vulnerabilities is the limited budget and slow development process. If the budget is increased and the development process is made easier, things can be made smooth. 

  1. Malware 

Although there is very little computational capacity, still some IoT devices undergo malware, which is quite strange. Due to this particular reason, cybercrime has exceptionally increased. The most frequently seen Malware among these is the IoT Botnet Malware because it has a huge profit potential for cybercriminals. In addition to this, cryptocurrency mining malware and Ransomware are common. 

  1. Information theft and unknown exposure 

Anything, that has the internet involved in it, has a great chance of online exposure. Expert hackers can store your personal and technical information and use it for unfear means.

  1. Device mismanagement and misconfiguration

These cyber-threats can be controlled if there is a strong password and the device management is perfect.  Since this is a new technology users find it difficult to control and understand. They remain unable to take proper security measures and end up being a victim of cyber threats. However, the service providers must ensure to provide their customers with a secured network. 

How To Secure The IoT?

IoT device risks cannot be solved immediately. However, certain strategies and tools can be used to ensure a secured network. Here are a few practices that IoT users must do to prevent the risks:

  • An administrator should be assigned
  • Updates and patches must be checked regularly
  • Wi_Fi security must be ensured
  • Device behavior must be monitored
  • Network security must be ensured 
  • cloud convergence must be secured in the best possible way 
  • Instructions regarding IoT devices must be observed and taken into consideration  
  • GPs use should be secured
  • Security tools should be specifically observed.


These security practices must be ensured, but users should also remain aware of the new trends in technology. IoT security has been the center of attention in the technical world over the past years. Experts are constantly researching the possible ways to secure this system.

5G will probably prove to be a game-changer for this industry. Users must go through the fact that IoT is a constantly advancing field and its security will keep on changing with the increase in comfortability. Hence, users must remain aware of the changing trends.