How To Make A Pillow At Home

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To master any craft, 10,000 hours of practice is required. But in the case of how to make a pillow at home, we have got you covered. Pillows are the simple & cheap commodity if you can have it made at home instead of buying it from the fancy stores.

Keeping in view the dependence of one’s comfort on the pillow, we have mapped out some major points following or customizing which you can master the craft of pillow making. So, let’s get started;


Select the fabric

You can use everything while embarking on this voyage. From an old t-shirt to the table cloth, anything would do the needful. But be sure about the PURPOSE of pillow i.e.: if you want it for night’s sleep than a good quality fabric which gives a comfy touch against face would be good & if it’s required for the decorative, then try to cope up it with furniture or surroundings.

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Cutting the fabric

Following the essence of the simple pillow having stuffed filling between two equal pieces of fabric cut, make two pieces to be slightly bigger than the actual area of the pillow is required. Don’t; forget to add seam allowance (amount of fabric that goes beyond stitching) of an inch & a half.

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Stitching the Pillow

Measure the sides of your fabric pieces & have a more thread on the board. In the art of how to make a pillow, using the right quantity of thread can be beneficial.

Make sure to use a thread similar to the pillow’s color. In doing so, the zig-zag op straight pattern can be followed.  After the pattern, the pillow is going to turn inside-out making and the two sides facing together at the end.

Use a slip stitch to Stitch together three sides of the pillow pieces. It can be done with a hand or a sewing machine.

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After stitching from three ends, leave the other edge open & un-sewn while forming a pocket that you will fill with stuffing.

To avoid any inconvenience & give it an enchanting look, iron the stitched fabric piece to have all the wrinkles removed before stuffing in.

Stuffing the Pillow & Whip Stitch

Take an open side of a pillow & start an evenly distributed stuffing. Keep rolling until all pillow is full & has no area of slack in it. Any material can be used in the stuffing process except rocks & marbles.

After having the pillow in shape & ready to sewn, the art of overcasting the thread along the outer part of the seam (whip stitch) can be used. Parallel to it, the blind stitch can also be used.

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Thus, after going through the post, it would be wise to say “How to make a pillow” isn’t that hectic at all?

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