Making Your Kitchen Island Double As A Breakfast Bar

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Have you recently had a kitchen island installed, or moved into a home that has one available? Aside from offering additional workspace in the kitchen, these islands are a great opportunity for making a breakfast bar. Doing so is simple, and you have a lot of options. Here are some basics for designing your breakfast bar from the kitchen island.

Making Your Kitchen Island Double As A Breakfast Bar

Installing a charging station

If you and your household have a lot of devices to charge, it could be beneficial to install a charging station. There are a lot of options out there available, and you can even get charging areas that don’t take away from the useable counter space. You can make the charging station unique to your family by decorating each charge port according to their passions or fandoms.

If you don’t have an outlet available with your kitchen island, you will need to have one installed. Outlets aren’t just good for charging stations, they can also be great for providing hot coffee or espressos to jump-start the day. Getting an outlet installed is a pretty quick process, and an electrician can perform the task for you at the average rate of around $200

Give Decorative and Practical Touches

While you are considering fruit bowls, caddies, and other practical organizations, think about how you can make it more bright and decorative to further reflect that natural sunlight streaming through the window. 

A decorative fruit bowl filled with fresh apples, oranges, pears, or other products is both welcoming and nutritious. A unique or interesting caddy provides a place to store quick breakfast snacks like cereal, energy, or protein bars. Beautiful antique tea service can be both decorative and entice your guests to stay for a cup of tea. 

A Bright Place to Rise and Shine

Sitting at the breakfast bar in the morning should be an invigorating experience that wakes up your body and mind to prepare for the day’s activities. To get yourself motivated, open up the curtains and let in some natural sunlight, then capture that sunlight in bold and colorful ways. Use brightly colored table mats and centerpieces featuring yellow flowers or bold gold terra cotta to reflect that sun and help you start the day.

Round out your breakfast nook with the right bar stools

There are a lot of nice bar stools on 1SB out there that you could use for your breakfast bar. Think about all of the options ahead of time to narrow your search. Do you want arms or no arms? Back or no back? What height should the seats be for your island? If you have children,  you will also want to consider safety features such as heavier bases to prevent accidental tipping and scotch guarded upholstery to hold up against the abuse of youth. 

Bonus Tip! How many stools do you need?

How many people are in your household? You likely want to have at least two or three barstools at your kitchen island if you plan to use it for breakfast, but ultimately how many stools you can have depends on the length of the kitchen island. You should leave at least 6 inches between stools, and the width of the stools you choose is also a factor. As a general rule, kitchen islands are an average of 4 feet wide, making it reasonable to fit three or four countertop height chairs down the length of it.

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