How Many Teeth Do Humans Have?

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You might have come across this question many times before, but you must have confused with the changing number of teeth with age. The biggest reason that determines the number of teeth you will have depends on your age. The number of teeth children and adults will have differs.

How Many Teeth Do Humans Have?

So the main question that arises is how many teeth do humans have throughout their life cycle?

Also how many teeth you need for proper functioning is another important question? If you are confused about the right answer to this question than the below heading will best explain to you the concept.

Human beings, throughout their life-cycle, have two sets of teeth. The two sets of teeth are; the deciduous teeth and the permanent teeth. So the next question is how many deciduous and how many permanent teeth do humans have? The deciduous is a total of 20 in number where the permanent is 32. Humans are born with no teeth at all that by the age of 6 months and above it begins to grow teeth until the age of 7 the child continues to work with the deciduous set of teeth. After seven years, the deciduous teeth begin to fall and get change with permanent teeth.

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The teeth are the placeholders that help the person in proper consumption of food; it also helps them in developing healthy jawbones and conducting speech. So, therefore it is very important to take proper care of your teeth.


Types of Teeth and Their Function

The mouth plays an important role in human anatomy; it helps in speaking, drinking, and eating. The main actors it forms are the teeth, which further have their types and parts like; incisors, the canines, molars, premolar, and these teeth have a gum line on which they enter, the root, enamel, the dentin, and the pulp.

Now let’s discuss them individually;

  • Incisors; these are sharp, chiseled front teeth; they include the upper and lower four teeth. They primarily help in the cutting of food. There is a total of eight incisors in the human body.
  • Canines; are also called cuspids because they are like cups; their main function is the tearing of food. There are four canines, and these are the pointed teeth that lie next to incisors.
  • Premolars; the two cusps are together, also called as bicuspid. They help in the crushing of food into small particles. There is a total of eight premolars. These are present between the canines and the molars.
  • Molars: they are present at the back of the mouth. They help in the grinding of food. There are a total of 8 of molars.
  • Wisdom tooth: these are the flat teeth present at the end of the jawline. They are a total of 4 in number

How many Teeth do Kids Have?

The Baby Teeth

Child teething begins at the age of around six months. The term used to describe the child’s early teeth is ‘deciduous teeth’ that’s because these teeth begin to fall after seven years. Most people call these teeth as baby teeth and sometimes they are also known as milk teeth.

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As these teeth have to fall out eventually, therefore it is very important to know how many deciduous teeth kids have. So we can differentiate between the deciduous teeth and the permanent teeth. Some deciduous teeth take time to fall out, and then they become a hurdle for the growth of permanent teeth. Once we can count how many teeth children have, then we shall be able to know how many of them have fallen out and how many of them are left. It enables us to consult the dentist to keep up the healthy growth of permanent teeth.

Children have a total of 20 deciduous teeth. Ten are present on the upper jaw and ten on the lower jaw. These deciduous teeth are like a placeholder until the child begins to have permanent teeth.

It is very important to keep up the habit of eating and cleaning your teeth. Since the very childhood, the child should be taught regular brushing and cleaning of its teeth, as this habit should prolong throughout its life to keep up healthy teeth and gums.

How many Teeth Do Adults Have?

The Adult Teeth

Once you enter your early teens, you begin to have permanent teeth. These permanent teeth are more than deciduous teeth. There is a total of 32 permanent teeth. There are different types of teeth that adults have; the types are above. It is very important to know how many teeth adults have so that you can take proper care of them and it also prevents your teeth from getting poorly shaped.  

Most people get this set of teeth as soon as they hit 18, but in some cases, it might take some more years to get the complete set. Wisdom teeth grow at the later years of teeth bearing. The wisdom tooth sometimes can cause misalignment that can be avoided by getting them removed early. The wisdom tooth has no particular role in chewing, grinding, or grasping of food neither it plays any role in speech conduction.

So, we can say that humans have 20 deciduous and 32 permanent teeth, where based on functionality there are 28 teeth once the wisdom teeth get removed.

Frequently Ask The Question

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have On Top?

There are typically 20 main (“baby”) teeth and 28 to 32 permanent teeth, the last four of which are fifth molars or “wisdom teeth,” each of which may or may not develop in. Typically 10 is located in the maxilla on the top of the primary teeth.

How Many Teeth Do Kids Have?

Kids usually have 20 milky teethes.

How Many Teeth Does A 12 Year Old Have?

At around 12 or 13 years of age, most children have lost all their baby teeth and have a complete set of permanent teeth (32).

What age do you get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth in the back of your jaw are the third set of molars. They usually come between 17 and 25 years of age,