Pulling Off Dagger Earrings: Four Tips To Help

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In a list of top accessories to currently wear, you probably saw dangling earrings. That’s because dangling earrings are picking up speed again and making their way back from the 80s. Popular song artists from that time period confidently rocked dangling earrings and brought a whole new dimension to men’s style.

And today, more styles of dangling earrings are being added to the mix. One of the most popular dangling earrings in today’s world are the dagger earrings. Wearing a dangling earring already alludes to a confident personality. When you have dagger earrings that are dangling from your ear, you are portraying the ultimate look of confidence and style.

There are a few tips that can help you to pull off the dagger earrings you have always wanted. Knowing how to style your dagger earrings will set you up for success when you rock your dagger earrings at the club, at a concert, or just out and about during your day. Show the world your boldness and confidence by using these tips to help rock dagger earrings.


Match With Other Accessories

A helpful tip for pulling is to offer dagger earrings to match them with other accessories. If your goal is to make the dagger earring your statement piece, the key here is to wear accessories that complement the dagger earrings, not take away the spotlight.

You can wear medium-sized chains that are thick enough to show up, but not overbearing and make your dagger earrings go unnoticed. Sticking with one chain is a good option, but if you desire to wear more than one, keep the layering at a minimum. You can also wear bracelets and rings that can help streamline your look.

Keeping these pieces simple helps your dagger earrings stand out and be the star of the show. If you desire your dagger earring to be a complimentary piece to another accessory, then choosing to highlight those pieces can still be done while wearing dagger earrings.

If you want to highlight your chain or chains, you can wear bolder-looking chains with pendants that draw most of the attention. Adding a dagger earring will help add to your confident look but not steal the show.

One of the best things about dagger earrings is whether you wear them as a statement piece or a complimentary piece, they always sport the look of confidence. 

Confidence is Key

Choosing dagger earrings as we know is a bold choice. And if you are going to choose it, then you need to act boldly too. The dagger earring can be pulled off by anyone that puts their mind to it. The secret for anyone pulling it off is confidence.

Adding a dagger earring to your wardrobe isn’t the choice of all men. However, it is a choice of men who decide to make a statement and hop on the trends of dangling earrings. It’s a punchy accessory that can elevate your look and turn heads in every direction if you’re confident enough to wear it.

Dagger Earrings Alone

A helpful tip for pulling off dagger earrings is to wear them with other accessories but also have the confidence to wear them alone. Dagger earrings can speak for themselves, and they don’t need help from other pieces of jewelry.

Try wearing your dagger earrings solo every now and then to keep your look fresh and unpredictable. By wearing your dagger earrings in multiple ways, you are showing the world that you can own the look without hesitation.

Try wearing your dagger earrings with a simple t-shirt to give a stripped-down classic look. This allows your dagger earrings to stand out and easily be noticed by everyone around you.

Buy Quality

An important tip for dagger earrings is to buy higher-quality earrings. Buying lower quality will only waste your time when they quickly become discolored or tarnished. Investing in higher-quality dagger earrings that are water, heat, and sweat-resistant will help them to last longer and keep their original shine.

This way, you don’t have to be selective about when and where you decide to sport your earrings. You can wear them swimming, in the shower, and while you are sleeping and not have to worry about them fading.

To pull off dagger earrings, buying higher quality is the best option for keeping them looking their best at all times. You can always clean them every now and then if they begin to get dirty. You can use dish soap and water or baking soda and water to help keep them clean and shiny for your everyday wear.

You Can Pull Them Off

If you are wondering if you can pull off dagger earrings, the answer is yes. You can pull them off! You can wear them with other accessories or wear them solo. Being confident while wearing your dagger earrings will immediately get the attention of the people around you.

Invest in higher quality to allow your dagger earrings to last you a long time and always look their best. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and pull off the look you have always wanted.

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