Pyramid Solitaire Lucky 13’s: How You Can Win Real Money

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Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most exciting card games that you can play and earn cash. You can go head-to-head against other players to see who reached the top of the pyramid. There are many cash games and rewards apps that pay real money, and Pyramid Solitaire stands out. You can choose to cash out your winnings with PayPal. 

Besides, you can also play for free just to improve your skills. The good news is that anyone can participate in Pyramid Solitaire free tournaments, but cash tournaments are only available to players who are 18 years old or more, especially in the areas where cash gameplay is allowed. This page discusses Pyramid Solitaire Lucky 13’s.

Pyramid Solitaire Lucky

Pyramid Solitaire

The objective of Pyramid Solitaire is for you to clear an entire pyramid while creating combos from each game and try to finish the pyramid quickly so that you earn extra bonus within the remaining time.

Remember that cards need to be in the stock deck during this process. If you cannot match any other cards in the pyramid, then the game is over. 

There are pyramid cards in the initial layout that the deck deals with. These cards come in as face-up cards that you can interact with, especially if there is no other card that is on top of them and is highlighted. You should pair pyramid cards with stock cards or each other.

You should note that stock cards refer to the cards that you draw from the deck and you get them in pairs of threes.

These stock cards tend to vary from each draw, but you can only choose the card placed on top of the pair. Therefore, you can utilize it to make a match with other cards that are on the free cell, pyramid, or the next card that is in the pair drawn from the deck.

The cell is just a free space that is on the right of the deck as well as drawn cards that work as storage spots for cards and you can use them later.

Any card that you can see in the pyramid and the first card in the stock cards can be put in this space. You can also match cards in this space to match them just like they do in the pyramid or in your hand. 

And, each card has a value related to it which you can use to correctly match when paired with another card. King has a value of 13, Queen is 12, Jack is 11, cards between 2 and 10 use the value that is on the card, and Ace is 1. 

The game can end when you run out of possible moves that you can make or if time runs out. You can choose from the settings to end the game earlier once you see that you cannot make any more moves. 

Game mechanics

When the game starts, you get a full pyramid of cards, a free cell, and a deck of the remaining cards. From this, you can start to match the cards by selecting the cards you intend to match by tapping them or dragging the cards across the screen using your finger. 

If you have no other cards that you can match, you can tap the stock deck and get three stock cards that you can play from. You can match your stock cards together when the first two cards in your hand match. 

You can use the available free cell in the game by simply dragging a card. You can do this by dragging the card from the pyramid or stock cards’ top to the free cell. This locks the card in the free cell until you want to utilize it to match with other cards.

With every match that you make, the number of points that you can get increases via the combo streak system. You can gain 50 points in the first match.

You can then make 100 points, 150 points, and many more until you reach five matches in a row before you can reset. If you cannot make a match and any draws from the deck, then the combo streak is reset. But if you move the cards into the free cell, then there is no reset.

If you fail to find any possible move that you can make during a couple of sends, the deck can either start to glow or a finger may point at it.

In some cases, two cards that you can match can glow, showing you a possible move that you can make. That said, some boards cannot be solved.

Therefore, you need to tap the settings button when you see that there are no more moves you can make to terminate the game early. Once you do this, the score is submitted and you can receive a time bonus. 

When it comes to scoring, there is base scoring that gives you 50 points if you match a set of cards. There is also a combo system that works by increasing the points you get.

The combo points can rise from 50 points up to 250 points. As explained earlier, if you cannot make a match and decide to draw from the deck, then the combo streak is reset.

You can also score with the time bonus. For each completed or incomplete match, you can receive bonus points that are associated with the remaining amount of time. And, the time bonus also correlates with the completed number of games you made against the total number of cards that are in the pyramid.

There are also remaining cards in the deck. You should note that with each completed match, you can receive 50 points for each leftover card that is in the stock deck.

But when the deck doesn’t have any cards and you need to redraw, you can lose 50 points. The good thing is that the game can offer you hints by highlighting a card that you can play. This is helpful if you are finding it hard to find a valid move.

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