Reasons Why Aqua Cremation Is a Better Choice

Aqua Cremation is a green funeral alternative, referred to as bio-method or alkaline hydrolysis. Pet parents have been inclined to bid gentle farewells to their dogs and cats by this technique. Several renowned organizations like Pet cremation Brisbane offer traditional and aqua method solutions. 

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia, and the third-most populous city in the country. More than 61% of households have pets. People have become more enthusiastic about the green funeral for their furry children with the increased population. 

People who are fond of nature and pets will find this article useful.

Reasons Why Aqua Cremation Is a Better Choice

Difference between Aqua and Traditional Cremation


The traditional method involves intense heat between 1400 to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy of a significant amount is used for generating such high temperatures. Above that, harmful emissions are also released into the environment. 

Surprisingly, aqua cremation uses only 1/7th of the energy required for general cremation. Also, no toxic gases are emitted. It does not affect the environment and uses a very gentle method to break down the body. 


Agencies like Pet cremation Brisbane charge around $200 for cremating traditionally. The aqua one costs a few extra dollars because of the heavy machinery involved. However, people find it reasonable to pay a little more considering its environment-friendliness. With the process getting more popular, the costs will automatically come down. 

Benefits of Aqua Cremation 

  • It involves no emission of harmful mercury.
  • The amount of energy used is far less compared to traditional methods. 
  • Avoids burning of caskets.
  • No toxins are released into the air, making it a cleaner process.  
  • Carbon dioxide production is also significantly less.
  • The bone ashes are 100% sterile and entirely neutralized, and disease-free. 
  • The process reduces carbon footprint by 75%. 
  • It preserves more bone fragments compared to the flaming method. 

More about Alkaline Hydrolysis

  • Like fire, it is an alternative to the burial process. However, it relies on a liquid procedure rather than the flaming method. One is likely to receive the ashes similar to the fire method. 
  • The process replicates the body breakdown as it happens under the ground. The body is in a cylindrical vessel with 95% water and 5% alkali, heated at a temperature of 200-300 degrees. The water breaks down the body, and the remains are returned to the families in the form of ashes. 
  • No casket is used for this. Only 100% silk or woollen materials are allowed in the chamber. However, it is always suggested to consult the funeral providers. Medical devices are optional to remove. They can also be removed from the ashes after the completion of the process. 

Final Words 

Bidding goodbye to your favorite pets is never easy. One must do a bit of research and connect with the top providers to get the best experience. Many people do not opt for water cremation because they are unaware of it. So, if you are aware of the same, tell your friends and family about its usefulness. 

Create a better end-of-life plan for your pet with the alkaline hydrolysis method. Enquire about the local providers or search online and bid a gentle farewell to your pet.

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