Redesigning the Workplace: Why Should You Do It?

After a couple of years of imposed office-site work, how are things going on with your establishment? Aside from your lease, have you checked on whether it needs renovation andrehaul? It has been a long time since you have operated there, and things might have changed.

The market has changed, the working conditions, and even the economic race, that is why you should also consider an office renovation before you start office-site again. The timing cannot also be more perfect as the year 2021 is also about to end, making way for 2022 to come.

Office renovations are not an easy decision to make. As business leaders, you would need to factor in many reasons as well as your budget. There is no denying that money is the most crucial consideration in doing renovations and restructuring. If your budget would not allow it, then there is nothing that can be done. However, there are times that the signs call louder and oblige you to allot resources for the project.

If you’re wondering if you have hushed the calls for too long, here are some of the critical signs that you need an office renovation.


When Your Office Lacks Branding

Branding is an essential foundation of your marketing strategies and your whole operations. It is about who you are, what your services are, how you do things, and what your organization stands for. Brand identity is how you would connect to people and make them relate to your products or services.

Branding also helps in keeping a strong and united staff. However, if your office design does not embody the brand you preach, all is for nothing. No matter how on-point and consistent your branding strategies are, your own brand ambassadors and sales team would not believe it.

A great office design encompasses an organization’s core values. If you fight for an environmental cause, then an office with a sustainable layout and build is more appropriate than traditional ones that eat up lots of energy. How would you even recruit people to join a cause not being followed in the office?

The same way goes for any business organization that does not have any branding in the office. As a business leader, of course, you would want a working space that you will be proud of. A place where people would immediately know and associate with your brand name.

When You Have Serious Security Concerns

Office buildings do not see that much crime like mall establishments do. With businesses, cybercrime is a more significant threat to neutralize. However, it does not entirely eradicate the fact that your business may face security problems from time to time. There are times that your own people can be the cause of the said concern.

Employee theft is a concern that not most business leaders want to speak of. Understandably, the disappointment knowing it is one of your people that committed it is hard to deal with. After all, it is you who hired them. Nonetheless, if you have been in the situation before, there should not be any questions about office improvement.

You need a better security monitoring system and strict compliance from your team. Mount CCTV cameras around your decorative metal fence panels, and install a facial recognition access system by your gate and driveway. This way, you will be sure about each person’s identity before even stepping inside your facility.

Facing this kind of issue is not easy, and it is best to be prepared even if you haven’t been in the situation yet. Hopefully, you would never have to.

When Your Office Does Not Spark Joy

How was your staff performing in the office before the work-from-home setup took over the world? Think and try to remember. Were they productive, or were they sluggish and kept on chasing deadlines? Were they innovative, or were they complacent during brainstorming sessions? Did they show enthusiasm to go to the office, or were there lots of tardiness and absences? If you answered the latter in all questions, then it simply means your office did not spark joy.

Sometimes, poor employee engagement is caused by poor office design and structure. Your staff might be struggling to find an area where they can generate ideas, and perhaps the work furniture is not helping either. Regardless, this calls for an urgent office design. Do not wait until the time when no one accepts any job offer from you because of how your office looks like.

The best way to stage a comeback after months of working from home is with a fresh and improved office. Think about it; jump start the post-pandemic operations in 2022 with a bang. Now, that’s how every business owner should start the year.

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