Major Alarming Signs Of Over Moisturizing Face

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Significant alarming signs of the over moisturizing face; impact your personality& make your skin dull. It is well saying that beauty is being comfortable in your skin. Beautiful skin is a part of our body with-out it; we are not complete. Healthy glowing skin makes us confident. To keep skin healthy, natural, and smooth. Water is one of them, along with a healthy diet. Dehydration leads to dry skin & it is vital to moisture your skin twice a day.

Today with increasing environmental pollution, skin problems are also increasing. People are much sensitive to the skin than before. We acknowledge that moisture is the key to keep skin young & healthy. But as we know that excess of everything is worse for health, similarly this moisture must be in a balanced amount.

For this purpose, people use cosmetic products that can keep skin moist but, most of us get cheated with these products and use them in excess because of skin get over moisturization.

In this article, we will put light on the most alarming reasons for over-moisturization, their effects, and signs. First, we will see what is over moisturization?


What Is Over Moisturization?

Over moisturization is a condition in which skin gets more moisture than the normal that makes skin lazy, dull, and leads to overproduction of oil on the skin.

It is due to the use of sunscreens, oily moisturizers, and cosmetic products that makes skin oily & it absorbs less quantity of nutrients such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. that leads to aging. We know that moisturizers are mostly used in winter to keep skin hydrated and remove dead cells. They repair the lipid layer of our skin and save it from water loss.

Moisturizer must be water-based because it absorbs quickly and keeps skin smooth. Oil-based moisturizer is one of the causes of over moisturization because it does not absorb rapidly and makes skin rough and oilier.

Signs Of Over Moisturization:

Over moisturization affects our skin in many ways .one of them is that it affects the barrier function of the skin and prohibits the flow of natural nutrients as lipid, proteins, and water across the skin. This condition leads to aging. Sometimes overuse of anti-aging creams also causes over moisturization. The alarming signs of over moisturization are

  1. Clogged pores & Blackheads
  2. Lazy skin & aging
  3. Excess oil production
  4. Clogged pores & blackheads:

Oily skin faces many problems due to excess moisturization. One of them is clogged pores & blackheads. Skin pores are specialized for sweat and oil. These pores absorb oil in case of dryness and release in case of excess oil production below the skin.

These acnes also appear due to Propionibacterium acne bacteria on the skin and dead skin skins. Blackheads are small bumps due to hair follicles. Due to which face looks black, blackheads usually appear on the neck, nose, and chin. Hair follicles have one hair and one sebaceous gland to produce oil, which keeps the skin moist and smooth. When there is excess use of moisturizer or skin produce excess-oil, these pores open & with exposure to the air, blackheads appear.

These can be cured by acne medications that may be in the form of a gel, cream, and pads that are directly applicable to the skin. Moreover, the drug-containing resorcinol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide are also helpful. Moreover, salicylic acid removes extra oil and cure the pimples deeply.

In addition to this, use oil-free products as sunscreen & non-comedogenic makeup, and extra foliating masks that help to remove the dead skin cells and keep your skin free from blackheads. To remove the clogged & large pores, always use a pH regulator facewash.

Lazy Skin & Aging:

When it comes to skincare, all men & women put on a lot of skin products that lead to over moisturization. Our oily skin consigns signals to water reservoirs for halt production because of which our skin lost its natural glow and have signs of aging. In such a case, the skin produces less sebum as your age. This condition can be lower down by reducing the overuse of anti-aging creams. Because sometimes they become a cause of oil production. As a result, skin collagen starts to weaken & it loses its tightness.

Excess Oil Production:

Along with oil-based moisturizers, there are many other causes of excess oil production as deficiency of vitamin D, weight fluctuations, hormonal imbalance as of androgen, breakouts, and large pores lead to over moisturization. Due to this, your skin complexion becomes dull & the face has a rough & oily appearance.

This problem can sort out by drinking excess of water, washing your face regularly but avoided to use loaf soaps and those that have artificial fragrance.

 Some of these are the warning signs of over moisturization of the skin. When they start appearing, you must go for dermatologists for skincare medicines and should take much care of that along with health. These also affect your personality & you may lose your confidence in facing people.


Here are some points that can help you in reducing the signs of over moisturization.

  1. Wash your face regularly to remove excess oil from the skin.
  2. Use moisturizers that are oil-free and can be absorbed easily by the skin.
  3. Use blotting papers, medicated pads, and toners that have alcohol that can dry skin and give a soothing effect.
  4. Use facial masks; clay, honey, and oatmeal because they can absorb oil and remove acne by the natural formula.
  5. If oil production is genetically, then go for water-based cosmetics. that will protect your skin from oil production.
  6. Use fruits and a healthy diet that keep skin natural and maintains hormonal balance.
  7. Use products or medicines containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy acid, and benzoyl peroxide as they can reduce acne and oil production as well.

Today the market has a lot of competitive serum that keeps skin fresh by eliminating signs of over moisturization. But always concern with a dermatologist before using any product.

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