Spicing Things Up Without Draining Your Budget

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When you watch romance movies, the main couple tends to rely on passionate kisses at the beach and exotic getaways to keep their flame going. However, in real life, you don’t usually get an emotional soundtrack to inspire your romantic monologues. Here are a few practical ways to spice up your love life and maintain Hollywood-worthy levels of romance.

Buy Matching Underwear

You and your significant other wear underwear every day (at least, you hopefully do). How often do you wear matching underwear, though? Feel cheeky and seductive for the most mundane occasions by picking out a few couples underwear sets. Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for the reception to start at your friend’s wedding, you can’t help but grin when you remember that you’re matching where the sun doesn’t shine.

Matching underwear doesn’t have to be all frills and lace. Choose patriotic prints for the Fourth of July and tropical designs for your next beach party. Plaid boxers and thongs are the perfect secret complement to your Christmas outfits, and pairs with ice cream on the crotch help you ring in another summer of brain freezes. The options are only limited by your imaginations and the number of pairs you can wear in a year.

Leave Notes Around Your House

Whether you live with your significant other, leaving notes around his or her house is the perfect way to put some more life into your relationship. If you’re into poetry or mushy love quotes, don’t be afraid to stick them in unexpected places such as the inside of cabinets or shoes.

However, love notes should be about communicating your love to your partner as it is. If your love language involves dirty jokes and innuendos and your partner’s into that as well, by all means, don’t be afraid to make these topics the center of your notes. What matters is that your partner knows you’re putting effort into your relationship instead of plagiarizing a Hallmark card.

Put Down Your Phone

When you and your partner hang out, it’s easy to stare at your screen. The next time you eat dinner, watch a movie, hike, or grab a drink together, try a no-phone policy.

Without your connections to Snapchat and Instagram, you become much more intimate with your partner. Enjoy a quality conversation about the things that are bothering you without wondering whether your significant other is listening.

Chances are, your intimate conversations in public will translate into another kind of intimacy at home, and that’s definitely worth putting down your phone for a while.

Prioritize Surprising Your Significant Other

Once you’ve been dating, engaged, or married for a while, it’s easy to fall into a routine of when you spice things up and when you focus on your jobs or family.

While consistency makes your days easier to manage, it also kills your love life. Look for ways to surprise your significant other every week. Start small by buying him or her a cup of coffee or having a donut delivered on a random morning. Mix in bigger surprises such as a vacation or major purchase.

Don’t forget about shaking up your intimate relationship, too. This type of surprise is not only free but also the most likely to bring back your first romance.

Relationships aren’t as easy as they seem in movies, but they also don’t have to be drab. By getting creative with your love life, you show your partner that you care about him or her. Plus, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as secretly wearing matching underwear to a formal event.


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