Tips For Keeping Your Apple Watch Safe And Damage-Free

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Did you know that the average cost of repairing a cracked apple watch screen is between $150 and $200? And that doesn’t even include the cost of a new strap or other accessories. Many users still need to learn the importance of taking care of their iWatch and protecting it from damage. Some people think that since the watch is made of solid and sturdy materials, it doesn’t need any extra protection. But the truth is, even the sturdiest of materials can succumb to wear and tear over time. Investing in an excellent protective cover for apple watch is crucial.

Here are seven tips to keep your apple watch safe and damage-free:

Apple Watch Safe And Damage-Free

Invest in a Protective Cover

Many incidents, like bumps, knocks, and scratches, can damage your watches. As the protective cover for your apple watch takes the brunt of the impact, it prevents damage to your watch. Various covers are available in the market, made from different materials like silicone, TPU, leather, and plastic. Choose a cover that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Avoid Contact With Water and Other Liquids

It is one of the most typical ways people damage their watches. Water and other liquids can seep into the watch and cause damage to the internal components. If it ever comes in contact with water, dry it immediately with a soft cloth. In addition, avoid taking your timepiece into the shower or swimming with it.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

To clean your apple watch, use a soft, lint-free cloth. You can lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water. Avoid using the household, abrasive materials or window cleaners on it. These could damage the coating on display.

Be Careful With Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes can damage your apple watch. For example, if you take it from a cold environment to a warm one, the moisture in the air can condense inside it and cause damage. It’s best to avoid extreme temperature changes as much as possible.

Keep Away From Magnets

Magnets can interfere with the delicate electronic elements in your watch and cause damage. So, avoid placing it near magnets or electronic devices that emit electromagnetic fields. It’s also best to keep your timepiece away from credit cards, as the magnets in them can demagnetize the stripes on the cards.

Store Your Watch Properly

If you’re not wearing your apple watch, store it safely. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, as this can damage the watch. It’s also best to keep it away from children and pets, as they can accidentally damage it.

Get Your Watch Serviced Regularly

Just like any other piece of technology, your apple watch needs to be serviced and repaired from time to time. Take it in for a checkup regularly to ensure there are no potential problems. A bit of care can go a long way in prolonging the life of your watch.


Following these tips, you can keep your apple watch safe and damage-free for many years. Investing in a suitable protective cover and taking care of your watch will save you some in the long run. So, please don’t wait until it’s too late; get a cover for your watch today!