Top 6 Home Decoration Tips for Summer

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Are you looking to spice up your home this summer? Our summer home decoration ideas are the best place to start.

Bright white walls are the pinnacle of summer style, giving you the space to experiment with different themes and colors through your accessories without committing to a brand-new paint job for example.

Summer is the only season where a merge occurs between inside and out, and boundaries are broken. It is the best season to keep the doors open and enjoy the breeze and sunlight from the outside.

You should also let the outside world influence your interior style. A connection to nature has been shown to boost people’s moods, and this is why summer is the perfect season to bring the outside in by adorning your home with natural pieces.

From seasonal flowers to earthy-toned wall art, here are our favorite summer home decoration ideas…

Top 6 Home Decoration Tips for Summer

Light & Bright

Of course, summer is all about the bright and the bold but when it comes to your home, it’s best to keep your backdrop light and neutral. Stick to white walls and neutral centerpieces like sofas and tables. Then, add a little color with accessories.

A Pop of Colour

Adding small dashes of color to a room is one of the simplest decorating ideas for summer. Injecting a hint of color can help to create a bright and joyful home in these summer months. From colorful metallic accessories to plush velvet upholstery, summer is the perfect season to mix and match textures and shades. The happier and warmer tones, such as pinks and yellows, will uplift your mood, while blues and greens can help you feel connected to nature with a calm rush overcoming your body.


Adding summery, sunny prints to your bare walls is one of our favorite summer decorating tips. Add a lush oceanic print to your walls if you miss the beach, or you could go for a beautiful image of a palm tree with the sun beaming through.

Whatever your idea of the perfect summer, you’ll likely be able to find a print for that.

Linen Sheets

A little more functional – linen helps regulate temperature, which is why the material is the perfect addition to your bed in the summer months. The more linen is used, the softer it becomes over time. It also does not retain moisture, so it helps to keep you warm in the winter months but extra cool in the summer months… plus, it’s just a timeless classic!

Floral Motifs

Mixing patterns, plants, and flowers – real, printed, or painted – from across a range of colors can turn a dull grey room into a bright summery one packed full of energy. Swap your rugs or cushion covers for floral designs to help bring life into your home.

Summery Scents

Summer-inspired fragrances are the perfect way to feel like you’re back on the beach. Light and fresh scents with wooden reeds or fresh hues are a beautiful addition to your home. They brighten your home, but they will also be a lovely addition to your countertop.

Decorating your home does not need to be expensive or extravagant. It can be as simple as the steps we listed above. Adding wall prints and color, changing a few elements of the home and adding refreshing scents can all bring your home new life for the summer months.

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