6 Types of Men’s Hats for Any Occasion in 2023

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If you want to dress up your style, you need to pick the right hats to add to your closet. Hats can elevate your style in one easy step and there are many ways that adding hats to your closet can make dressing up or down more fun. There are also so many styles of hats to choose from that you can include a lot of variety in your outfits with ease.

If you are not sure which styles of hat are the best ones to add to your closet, there are some tried-and-true choices that are always classic. Men’s hats come in many styles, and you can pick and select from this huge list of hats to find your personal style.

If you are looking for the right types of hats for any occasion in 2022, you should read on!

Types of Men’s Hats for Any Occasion in 2023

Men’s hats can elevate the style of any outfit with ease. You can dress up lots of different kinds of outfits when you have nice hats in your closet.

Newsboy Hat

This is a classic hat style that never goes out of style. This hat is soft and comfortable and automatically adds a sense of posh style that pairs well with jeans, slacks, or even shorts. These hats also fit many sizes of heads with ease. If you have a big head and struggle to find hats that will fit you, you need to think about this hat style.

Newsboy hats are durable and hold up well to travel, which can make them a great choice if you need a hat to take with you on a business trip or a vacation as well. This well-rounded style fits almost any outfit with ease.

Large Sock Hat

The large Sock Hat is really classic and practical but also looks nice. You will find that a sock cap can be a great fit for your closet for a stylish option that suits the cold weather perfectly. These hats are practical and can be washed with ease which is another pleasant benefit.

This style hat can fit any size head, and you will be able to make this hat work perfectly even if you have a very large head. There are so many great things to say about a sock cap and this is one of the more practical hat styles to add to your closet for 2023.


This style of hat is a classic hat that will never be a bad fit for your needs. This hat is sharp and looks great with a suit, some slacks, or even jeans. This is also a hat that can be worn during any season with ease. You will love having a Trilby in your closet to dress up your style in a lot of fun ways.

Trilbys are often sold in more basic colors, but you can sometimes find them in more colorful prints as well. This is a comfortable hat style for all sizes of heads, and you will love how well these hats handle travel and other challenges.

Beach Hat

Beach hats and straw hats are great choices for 2023. You can get some shade and some style at the same time from this style of hat. You will find that these hats are sold in wide and narrow-brim styles. You will also usually be able to pick from many colors and many different ribbons that decorate most of these hats.

If you need a hat that often comes in many sizes, this is the right choice for your needs. This is a comfortable and easy hat that still offers a sense of style and presence that you will not get from other hats.

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are really classic hats to add to your closet. You can wear a cowboy hat with so many different outfits that this will be one of the most versatile hats that you have ever owned. These hats come in straw styles, leather, and also felt. You can usually also get them in many different colors as well.

There is something really masculine and charming about a cowboy hat. Adding one or two of these hats to your closet will give you access to a quality hat that can be worn with so many outfits. These hats are low maintenance overall, but they do not always travel well without a hat carrier to protect them.

Ball Cap

A good baseball cap will fit into your closet with ease. You can add this hat to any kind of outfit with ease, and they travel well and handle all kinds of tough weather with ease. Ball caps are also really comfortable to wear and they can be sized to fit many different hat sizes.

Ball caps might advertise your favorite team or they can be sold in many colors and materials. These are some of the most easily customized hats around and you will love having at least one ball cap in your closet in 2023.

Getting the Right Hat for 2023 is Easy

If you have been unsure of which hats to add to your closet in 2023, these hats will add character and style to your closet with ease. You will be able to get any of these hats in colors that you love and in many sizes as well. There is no shortage of ways to dress up your closet with hats, and you will be glad that you decided to get some new hats for the new year.

Hats can make any outfit complete, and you will love trying out some new styles for the new year. Getting some quality hats to add to all of your different outfits for any occasion is easy when you use this guide to help inform your buying processes. Hats are a fun personalized style accessory, and you will be so glad that you looked into these new hat styles for the new year.

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