What Are Saddle Blanket Seat Covers?

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Saddle blanket seat covers are made for those who love the western look in mind. Cowboys and cowgirls and all those from the country understand what this term means. To understand what saddle blanket seat covers are, one must know what a saddle blanket and a saddle pad are. Everyone should know what a seat cover is and that it is made for protecting the car seat. The Old Wild West days brought over different western styles across the country. It can best be described as the designs from Native Americans, Mexicans, and Cowboys, and Cowgirls threw all together.

The mixture of the designs became popular in the late 1800s, and it grew in popularity ever since. People still love the way the design looks, and they purchase it with many forms of furniture, clothes, and other items like car seats. Mixing it in with a saddle blanket makes it all the more Western.

What Is a Saddle Blanket?

Those who ride horses understand clearly what a saddle blanket is. It comes in a western look design made for the cowboy or cowgirl but adds comfort for both the horse and the rider. It goes in between the saddle and the horse’s back. Most people from the country versus the city appreciate the design, but many from the city appreciate it as well and purchase it for the looks and design for the decor of their homes and cars.

Inside your vehicle, the saddle blanket seat covers serve the same purpose. Picture the seat as the horse. The driver and passengers are like the rider on the horse, and the saddle blanket seat cover serves to protect the seat and add comfort. The Wild Western design goes with any interior color because all the colors make up the same interior design.

What Is a Saddle Pad?

A saddle pad is another item that serves the purpose of comfort. It is not meant so much for looks but is another cushion to add between the saddle and the horse. The pad also keeps the saddle from sliding when it is added to the blanket. This item also assists with comfort for both the horse and rider. If the saddle slips for any reason, it could be a rough ride and can cause injury for both the horse and rider.

The saddle blanket seat cover has the same pad built into the material. It adds an extra cushion along with the seat inside your vehicle. The material used is thick and acts as even more support for comfort for both the seat and the back. Looks are great, but comfort is the best thing these seat covers have to offer, especially on long trips.

Other Benefits

As mentioned throughout this article, saddle blanket seat covers are made for protection, comfort, and look. Putting the blanket and the pad together with the seat cover is an outstanding invention. It is taking an item that has already been created and making it better. The purposes it serves from protection and looks are found in many people’s vehicles who love the western way of life. It is not just a style or fashion, but it holds the spirit of those old days of cowboys and cowgirls who love farming and living in the country where everything is welcomed. It is the peacefulness of waking up in the morning and knowing you can do whatever you want without disturbing your neighbors because they live “down the road.” That same spirit rides with you with the saddle blanket seat covers.

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