What Does a Construction Project Manager Do? Six of Their Most Important Tasks

Last Updated on 1 year ago by Nicky Johnson

Project managers are the people in charge of various types of projects, and the jobs come with a lot of responsibilities. Construction project management involves basic management skills plus a few other things specifically related to the construction industry.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a project manager because you’ve been in the construction industry for a while, make sure you’re familiar with the facets of the job first, which include (but are not limited to) the following things:

Construction Project Manager

1. Choose and Manage Subcontractors

Subcontractors are an important part of any construction project, mainly because they are the ones doing most of the work. When you’re a project manager, you’ll hire the right subcontractors, which is often an ongoing job, as well as delegate all of their responsibilities and duties.

You’ll then have to manage and organize this group of people and help them deliver the work you need for them to do.

2. Make Sure All Safety and Building Codes Are Adhered To

As you can imagine, construction projects come with lots of legal requirements, most of which are put in place to keep both workers and bystanders safe at all times. It’s important that you are familiar with the building codes and make sure they complied with day in and day out.

This is the only way to keep everyone involved with the project safe, and you have to keep up with them even when they change.

3. Keep the Client Updated

One of your biggest jobs, when you’re in construction project management, is to keep in constant contact with the client, especially in regard to two issues: the budget and the progress of the project itself.

The client will want to know both of these things on a regular basis, so it’s best if you touch base with them a minimum of once a week and more often than that if any problems arise. They will very much appreciate this effort.

4. Work Well with Architects, Engineers, and Others on the Project

Keep in mind that as a project manager on a construction site, you’ll be expected to work with all other management-type people on each project you’re a part of. This takes patience and some versatility because you never know who you’ll be working with, but this is nevertheless a very important part of the job.

When you learn to work together, the job becomes easier to do, and you get more efficient results. Keep in mind that you also need a certain type of personality to work with other people of all types.

5. Work with Budgets and Cost Estimates

On any construction project, the numbers matter. Most clients have a budget in mind and do not appreciate straying too far from that budget, which is why crunching numbers will be part of your job as a project manager.

You’ll be responsible for work timetables, budget estimates, cost estimates, and anything related to how much the entire project will cost. You’ll also be partly responsible for making sure those numbers are not too far off once the project is complete.

Most construction managers rely on specialized software such as Jonas Premier for this.

6. Explaining Technical Data to Others So They Understand It

In construction project management, you’re expected to have a certain amount of expertise and knowledge, and you should be able to explain this information to others in a way that is easy for them to understand.

In any given construction project, there are a lot of people involved, and not only do all of you have to work together on a daily basis, but you have to communicate efficiently as well. This is the only way for the project to be completed on time and within budget.