What to Wear This Easter: 4 Chic Outfit Ideas

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However you like to celebrate Easter, you’ll want to look nice while you do it. This springtime holiday offers you an opportunity to put together some fresh outfits.

In order to put your best foot forward, consider fashionable options like trendy dresses that are appropriate for any religious services, family gatherings, or public celebrations you plan to attend during the Easter season.

Outfit #1: A Pastel Suit

What to Wear This Easter

If you’re one of the many people who make their way to church on Easter, a pastel suit is an excellent choice to consider. When people dress up for Easter, they typically wear their Sunday best. A pastel suit is an excellent choice to consider; it can help you change your look while staying seasonally appropriate.

A pastel suit is also a great choice for an upscale Easter brunch. Wearing a chic suit is a great way to dress up for local spring and Easter festivals, too. You don’t need to go with the traditional fitted jacket, either.

Instead, consider an oversized one for a modern approach to the classic ensemble. Oversized suit jackets continue to thrive in popularity as a fun trend.

Match a well-tailored suit with a great pair of nude slingback heels, a cute purse, and simple jewelry. Whether you prefer pearls or gold or silver jewelry, keep your ornaments understated in order to highlight the details of your suit.

Choose pastel colors like baby blue, mint green, mauve, pale yellow, or blush pink to create a joyful Easter look.

Outfit #2: A Lovely Maxi Dress

What to Wear This Easter

One of the great benefits of a maxi dress is that it provides the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Look for eyelet detailing or lace accents that make a maxi dress look perfectly chic for springtime. Touches of crochet are increasingly popular as a trend to consider as well.

Pair a maxi dress with a stylish purse with lots of fun details or embellishments in order to up the ante in the style department.

For a casual get-together, you can dress down your look with sandals and a pair of sunglasses if you’re headed to an Easter egg hunt with your kids or dinner with friends.

Outfit #3: A Sweater and Skirt Combo

What to Wear This Easter

Depending on the region you live in, springtime can be a little chilly, so you won’t find yourself reaching into the closet to find short-sleeved shirts and free-flowing skirts.

If you’re in a climate that’s a little cooler, consider a sweater in a pastel color — that way, you can combine a cute springtime look with the warmth of winter clothing.

Consider a pastel-colored sweater if your environment is a little cooler; this will allow you to combine a cute springtime look with the warmth of winter clothing. Sweaters in colors such as cream, periwinkle, and lavender can work beautifully.

You can easily combine a fun sweater with a conservative skirt for church or a pair of wide-leg pants for more casual festivities. When you’re choosing sweaters, keep the neckline in mind so you can accessorize!

For a V-neck option, choose a sweater that has button-down details, or add a long necklace for more visual intrigue. To make your look more fun and flirty, look for buttons that feature gold or pearl detailing.

Upgrade a simple yet stylish sweater with lovely jewelry. Your accessories can really transform the look of your outfit.

Even if you’re wearing your sweater over a simple bodysuit in a neutral shade, a statement necklace or a fantastic pair of statement earrings can elevate and pull the look together.

If you’re attending an event that’s more on the formal side, you can easily wear a sweater with a stylish, well-tailored skirt. A pair of stockings with flesh-tone fishnet details provides a sophisticated touch.

Outfit #4: A Feminine Blouse, High-waisted Pants, and Espadrilles

What to Wear This Easter

If you’re keeping it simple for Easter, chances are you don’t want to pull out a dressy suit or uncomfortable heels. However, you can still look ultra-feminine and fashion forward with a few distinct choices.

Consider a really feminine blouse in an empire cut or off-the-shoulder style. Choose flattering colors that evoke springtime vibes, like sunny yellow, sage green, or peach.

High-waisted jeans or pants are perfect for any woman who desires a chic look that’s still comfortable enough for moving around while enjoying Easter fun and games with family and friends. Find a pair of high-waisted pants that complement the top you plan to wear.

Plus, it’s a good idea to get your high-waisted pants tailored to look as though they were custom-made for your body.

If you’d like to add a little height without the discomfort of 5 inch heels, espadrilles are the perfect solution. They help flatter your form by making your legs look longer and more toned.

However, they’re still really comfortable, as they provide a lot of support as you walk around. Look for a wedge or platform pair if you’d like to look taller.

Add a fashionable accessory in the form of a cute purse, like a clutch or a crossbody bag, to complete the ensemble. Carrying a purse with colorful beading or floral embroidery is an easy way to give your outfit a springtime vibe.

Putting It All Together

Use these outfit ideas during an Easter weekend celebration to make your look just as festive and beautiful. Those Easter pictures can last a lifetime, so you’d be glad you took the time to look your best when the memorable moments happen. If you have an entire weekend planned with Easter activities, incorporate all these outfit ideas into your holiday wardrobe.